Done school. Come at me 2016!

I’m just kidding. I sound tougher than I feel.

New Years Day has come and gone. I spent several lovely days up in Whistler, including New Year’s Eve. The funny thing is we were doing the countdown with everyone else in the Village, and prior to the countdown there was the Fire and Ice show where there was flame dancing and athletes jumping through a fire hoop, doing tricks. Somehow, their program schedule went a bit overtime, meaning everyone at the show missed the countdown by about 30 seconds. ???

My buns froze off, but happy new year! #newyear #whistler #mountain #snow #HNY #2016 #canada #saaaaabbb

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As with last year, when my boyfriend and I go up to his family cabin, we make an effort to try out new recipes! Here’s some from this trip:

We did eat out, but it wasn’t anything special. Just random places around the Village that we went into to hide from the cold.

Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? A thing I don’t like about having yearly resolutions is that almost every time, I see people (and myself) give up on a resolution because they messed up early on and don’t see the point in continuing anymore. I much rather have monthly goals, and that way, if I fail, I don’t feel like I need to wait another year.

Anyway, I do have some though, being caught up in the bandwagon of having resolutions and they’re:

The book challenge is basically to read 12 books throughout the year. I’d love to get back into reading! I used to be able to demolish books daily, and now it takes me four months to finish a book. And that’s if I’m dedicated. I think these goals are pretty lax, but achievable. I guess we’ll see how I end up! I am done school now, so perhaps I’ll have more time to get back into my hobbies?


8 thoughts on “Done school. Come at me 2016!

    • kalyrical says:

      I’m currently working at a startup, but I have no idea where I’ll be going next (or if I’m going anywhere next)! I do have some sort of general plan for my end goal, but who knows how I’ll get there? Haha maybe I’ll find out this year?

      Talking about you remembering when I just started Uni, it’s amazing how long we’ve been reading each other’s blog. I’m glad we’re still both here!

      • MrJohnson says:

        Sounds like a decent plan. I wish you the best.

        In terms of WordPress lifespan, it is amazing we’re both still blogging pals. I have this feeling I’m going to be around for a Maybe you will be around long enough too to read about my denture stories.

      • kalyrical says:

        Haha honestly, the prospect of reading your denture stories is a huge motivator to stick around 🙂 I don’t plan on quitting any time soon either, despite blogging sporadically as of late…

  1. joyceyl says:

    Same! I used to devour books every day, and now I think I’ve read about 2 books in the last year. I’m starting small, and aiming to read 5 books this year – shouldn’t be too difficult now that we’re out of school!

  2. Quieter Elephant says:

    I find the nag of “you’re x books behind (or hopefully “ahead”) works well for me. I aim for about 30 a year and sometimes cheat by throwing in the odd graphic novel or photography book (not many words).
    By and large though I find that taking a lunchtime walk to a café and carving out a half hour each day to read works wonders. Helps reset my thinking for the afternoon too.

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