Fostering Lil Loki

My boyfriend and I signed up to help foster (with a chance to adopt) doggos about 2 months back. It’s with a local rescue society in Surrey and initially our application got rejected. We live in a condo and it’s not ideal for pets. I guess I do see why certain rescue societies are picky if you don’t live in a detached house or a townhouse with a yard. If your dog really had to go potty, imagine waiting for the elevator every time!

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To My Aunt Eva

The below is something I wrote for my Intermediate Writing of Creative Nonfiction class back in university. Made minor edits since all I could retrieve was a first draft of this piece prior to the various workshopping my class and I did on it. But wanted to have it somewhere properly documented!

It’s the strangest coincidence, but today is also Eva’s birthday. Of all days to get a random lightbulb moment for me to check my old school emails for this draft…wacky.

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Powering Through The Pandemic

I cannot believe it’s almost been two years since we first started to stay home due to COVID-19. For the first year, the boyfriend and I really just stayed home and tried to survive. We got kind of fearful of the outside world and at one point, we even stopped leaving the house to buy groceries. We were super lucky to both have careers that allowed us to fully work from home. This year was a little different though—but for good reasons.

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