Cook It Montreal Meal Kits

The world of meal kits have always intrigued me. I liked the idea of not having to think of what to cook daily, and also having pre-measured ingredients to work with. I’ve often had to buy a whole head of cabbage while only really needing a tiny portion (I like making Hong Kong style borscht!). But given the price of meal delivery kits, I’ve always been hesitant.

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Rainbow Bagel recipe

I’m sure everyone in North America who’s on social media has seen the recent video of the Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store from New York. While I don’t think they’re the “world’s most beautiful bagel”, I really did want to stuff my face with some of these rainbow baked goods. And then I also learned that bagels were boiled.

homemade rainbow bagel recipe the bagel store
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Done school. Come at me 2016!

I’m just kidding. I sound tougher than I feel.

New Years Day has come and gone. I spent several lovely days up in Whistler, including New Year’s Eve. The funny thing is we were doing the countdown with everyone else in the Village, and prior to the countdown there was the Fire and Ice show where there was flame dancing and athletes jumping through a fire hoop, doing tricks. Somehow, their program schedule went a bit overtime, meaning everyone at the show missed the countdown by about 30 seconds. ???

My buns froze off, but happy new year! #newyear #whistler #mountain #snow #HNY #2016 #canada #saaaaabbb

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A very productive reading break

I spent my reading break up at Whistler at my boyfriend’s family’s cabin. I had wild visions of me finishing all my homework up there as well as getting my studying done. I did semi-start one of my presentations and then read one of the 20 readings I was supposed to do but otherwise, homework was not touched.


We did, however, eat a lot. We cooked our own meals up there and I don’t mean to brag but they were all delicious. We’re master chefs (I say this, but at the same time we burnt our grilled cheese sandwiches not too long ago. How do you screw up grilled cheese??). A sample of some of our creations:

– Creamy Avocado Pasta

– Steak with potatoes and stuffed tomatoes 

– Pancakes with candied bacon and eggs

– Strawberry daifuku

We always cooked too much, and that puts us in a great spot for food coma-ing after dinner and into our bed with a good movie or two. We watched The Imitation GamePulp Fiction (finally!), and started, but never finished Selma. We also progressed in Firefly, which we’ve since finished. So glad we finished Firefly before going to Emerald City Comic Con since two of the leading ladies will be there!

It was great to be by ourselves for the week. Very relaxing! Of course, we did visit the Whistler Village. We did some studying at a cafe, ate at the Warehouse (a one hour wait in line…), but that was pretty much it. Snow was bad this year anyway. I had my first bubble bath in probably two years. Man, I wish we could take a Whistler reading break every month. Such a great de-stressor!

– Karen

Valentine’s is a scam

…So we decided to just stay home, make our own food, and watch movies for the day. I mean calling a day “Valentine’s Day” and then making it so that restaurants can charge a LOT for a meal, and everyone can capitalize on branding something as “Valentine’s” themed is a scam. But I still believe that setting a day aside for your loved ones, whether for a significant other, or even just for your friends or family, is still important. So I’m all about the idea of Valentine’s Day!

I remember last year, I spent $60ish on a Valentine’s meal and although I did get pretty good food (salmon, steak, scallops etc.) it’s so much cheaper to do it yourself. So instead of a couple spending $120 collectively on a meal, this year, me and the bf spent around $45 instead! wpid-received_10155327540990643.jpeg Our Valentine’s dinner was quite reminiscent of our first time we cooked together back when we first started dating. Steak and potatoes, except we also threw in lobster tails this time to be fancy. And then minus-ed the veggies. We also spent a good chunk of time trying to make macarons…which didn’t quite work out.

We tried.

We tried.

We stayed in bed till almost 5PM. We cooked till 11PM. He made me watch Groundhog Day, I made him watch Music and Lyrics. There was hot chocolate. It was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had 🙂wpid-20150214_235118-1.jpg – Karen