Affordable Michelin-starred dining: Tim Ho Wan

After watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi about a year ago, I’ve had a curiosity towards Michelin stars. Of course, being usually broke, I never really bothered to think about dining at a Michelin starred restaurant, but then this summer I came back to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong happens to have 70+ restaurants that made it into the Michelin Guide for 2016. One of these has been in the guide since 2010, and when it first made the guide, it was known as being the most affordable restaurant with a Michelin star. The restaurant is Tim Ho Wan, and they serve dimsum.


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ECCC 2016: Tiring, but rewarding


I can’t believe another year is over. Now I’ll have to wait another 12 months until the next convention. 😦 But I suppose I should look at this as “So glad I got to come again this year!” And I am glad! This is my fourth year attending ECCC and it never gets old. Ever since I bought my tickets in September, I’ve been waiting for April.

The 3 days of the con were jam packed so I’ll do a quick summary before I forget! Continue reading