Wisdom teeth, I hate you

Okay, day 2 of having my wisdom teeth out.

wisdom teeth

I’m terrified of surgical procedures of any kind (unlike my mom, who requests if she can watch them perform surgery on her), so I opted to go for half-body anesthesia so that it knocks me out and by the time the dentist is done, I wouldn’t have felt a thing.

It all went pretty well. I thought waking up from the drugs would be a lot worst (the last time they put me under for a surgery, I woke up and felt like barfing), but it wasn’t. And that was it. All 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out.

Of course, there comes the aftermath. The first day was alright. It hurt a bit, but it was bearable. I can’t believe how much I miss chewing on foods. I ate only soft foods, and my meals consisted of congee and mashed potatoes. And even then, I realize I used to semi-chew through these foods too instead of letting it go straight down my throat.

During the night, that’s when it really sucked. I guess my painkillers wore off mid-night, and then I woke up about 20 times— no lies. Every time, I’d have to swallow my saliva but it was the most painful thing in the world. In the morning, when I woke up to rinse my mouth, I realize I’ve been swallowing blood this whole time. I hate this.

Now to tackle day 2… I predict plenty of ice packs, and actually taking all my painkillers today. Scumbag wisdom teeth.


9 thoughts on “Wisdom teeth, I hate you

  1. MrJohnson says:

    I thought I wanted to be put to sleep during my surgery but the mouth numbing drugs were good enough. I didn’t feel anything. I still have my extracted wisdom teeth as souvenirs.

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