Top of Vancouver review: Dine Out Vancouver 2016

Of course, every year Dine Out comes around, I have to visit new restaurants.

Again, I really highly recommend trying it out. There’s a price point for everyone (this year’s menus has $20, $30, and $40 price points), and there’s 288 restaurants to choose from. If you’ve got any time these two weeks, or if you’ve been wanting to meet up with a friend, you should definitely make a reservation.

It’s so simple! You get to look at the menu beforehand, know exactly how much you’re going to pay, and dine at restaurants that are usually out of your price range is more realistic. Do keep in mind that the food you get during Dine Out is sometimes known for being not as good as visiting the restaurant during non-Dine Out season.

To kick off Dine Out Vancouver 2016, my boyfriend and I went to Top of Vancouver. My parents insist I have been here before, but I was too young to have memories of it. I really wanted to go again— this time being able to retain memories of my experience.

I’m pretty sure people go to Top of Vancouver for the experience, and less so the food. For Dine Out, our menu is as follows:


We both chose the mussels and the duck. Then we got different desserts to share.

The food was mediocre (except I quite liked the panna cotta), but it was very nice to see the whole of Vancouver during our one and a half hours that we were there. Keep in mind that for Dine Out patrons, your maximum sitting time is 1 hour and 45 minutes to accommodate for the increased traffic. Maybe this might be an issue for a bigger group, but for two people, this was very adequate time.

You’ve got until the end of the month to take advantage of Dine Out!

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