The last month in a nutshell

I hate it when I have huge gaps in my blog. And it sucks more when there were actually things I had wanted to blog about but never got around to it. School + work was not as easy to juggle as I had hoped. So here’s a summary in word vomit— the last month in a nutshell!

1. Pumpkin Patch!

I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in… 13 years? Yeah, about that long. It was way back in elementary school, when I was about 10? 9? Anyway, this year, I really really wanted to go. My boyfriend and I ended up going to Southland Heritage Farms, which was pretty close to my old neighborhood. The farm was so cute!


There weren’t a whole lot of pumpkins (not like most of the farms further in the suburbs), but they had enough scattered around for you to pick from. Each pumpkin was $5. The day we went was a weekend, so they also had a little farmer’s market of sorts. I bought a peach pie— hands down the best peach pie I’ve ever had. It was so deliciously juicy and sweet!

They also had a farm area you could visit, consisting of mostly horses and free-roaming chickens. My favourite part was this fire pit where they provided free marshmallows for you to roast! When I first walked by, some guy was sitting there eating marshmallows and I thought he was just crazy prepared and brought his own. Turns out the farm provides them 🙂

Entry is by donation, and while this farm is definitely a lot smaller than the farms in Richmond, it’s very homey. And it’s conveniently located too (comparatively anyway)!

2. Halloween costume

AHHH! Halloween is my second favourite celebration. Every year, I’m tempted to go overboard with the costume, but I know everyone else will probably judge me for it and I’ll look out of place. So I need costumes that are low-key, yet are ones I’d still be satisfied with. This year I dressed up as a splicer from Bioshock. I guess to almost everyone else in the world, I looked like a zombie housewaifu.


Finding the actual clothes to rip up and stain with fake blood was easy. We hit up Value Village and found everything within half an hour. Albeit, I did want something more my size, but having a 60s feel to it was important, so I  had to settle for an pretty baggy dress. Honestly, my dress had some real blood on it…but anyway. Not going to question that. Took it home, put it in the washing machine, and then destroyed it with a metal sander.

The mask was more difficult. We wanted to get premade white masks, then just paper mache the ears. Ended up making the whole thing from scratch and even molding it so the masks fit our faces perfectly. Must. Not. Try. So. Hard. It took way longer than expected, but it’s a really cool mask to have as a souvenir after Halloween. It’s now on display in my room!


3. Halloween Night

Like every year, I have the same lament. The only socially acceptable place for grown ups to wear costumes are clubs or at a party. Or so it seems now that I’ve grown up anyway. But clubbing costs about $80 a ticket, and then you gotta pay for booze. Not to mention how ridiculously crowded it gets during Halloween. No thank you.

I had a double date over at my friend M’s, and we had a chill evening of spooky snacks, scary movies, and board games!

We took a series of very confusing pictures. I will spare you the details and the pictures. Here are some “normal” ones. 

Our couple costumes couldn’t have been more different. My friend dressed up as Joy from Pixar’s Inside Out, and her boyfriend Fear. And then my boyfriend and I were just kinda bloody and raggedy.

My boyfriend really wanted hot dogs. And then I wanted black candied apples. M made some finger cookies. And then her boyfriend ordered 3 pizzas. A+ night 🙂

4. Goodbye Samsung, hello again iPhone


I’ve used an iPhone since the iPhone 4, and then moved on to the 5, then 5s. I finally decided to move on over to the Android system, and got myself a Samsung Galaxy S5 last year. I was super excited for the crazy megapixels on their camera, as well as the ability for me to do more with my phone. The user experience was semi-horrible. The camera wasn’t as great as advertised, and honestly, in low light conditions, it was just plain bad. Then I accidentally broke the camera somehow, in which the lens cracked. I also never used the “extra things” that I can supposedly do on an Android, like altering its program. The only thing I did do was download things (books, shows, etc.) straight off the internet, which was handy.

Now I’m back on the iPhone. I’ll admit I did like my Samsung’s bigger screen, but for everything else, I prefer my Apple. I’m not even an Apple fangirl, even though it probably sounds like I am. I just had a genuinely terrible experience with my Samsung phone. Also, I like the rose gold iPhone 6s. The new 3D touch thing is also pretty cool and allows me to go straight to a command (e.g. take a selfie, a video, timelapse) without leaving the home screen, simply by pressing down a little harder than usual.

5. Whitecaps semifinals 🙂 😦 

I didn’t go to as many games this season as I did last. Last year, I went to 5 games? 6? This year, the semifinals were the 3rd game I had been to. Honestly, it wasn’t a great game. It was disappointing to watch, but I mean, the team got very far. For the youngest team in the MLS? Hell yeah! Our players were a bit battered and bruised, and couldn’t push through the semis. Maybe next year, we’ll get some more offensive players? Can’t wait! We also bought pretty last minute seats, since we had originally bought tickets to the knockout matches. After we got through to the semis, we instantly bought semi ones instead. In the end, our seats were basically in front of the Portland Timbers’ fan zone.


Pre-kickoff was fun! Lots of free stuff (after working in brand activation, I always beeline to the free stuff. I don’t care if it has a huge brand logo on it)! There was a lot of pumping us up for the games. Heck! They started pumping everyone up a week prior, with Spike, the team mascot going around the Greater Vancouver area to hand out free stuff. See you next year Whitecaps!

Well that’s my life for the month and a half. I can’t wait for my favourite holiday to come around! (Because food.)



9 thoughts on “The last month in a nutshell

  1. MrJohnson says:

    I’ve always thought it was socially acceptable for adults to be in costume anywhere. In my late 20’s I went everywhere and it was fine. Actually it was great!

      • MrJohnson says:

        Even if people are not dressed up they find it amusing to see others who are especially if you have a decent costume. I’ve been to Bon’s on Broadway, walked around downtown, Canucks game and some other places. Can’t

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