The FEAR Lootcrate!

Hello everyone,

So we all know about monthly subscription boxes. In the past I’ve gotten them for makeup as well as nail polish but I soon came to realize that I don’t actually wear much makeup so all of it goes to waste, and I was over my nail polish phase pretty quickly.

Recently I got a half-year subscription to Lootcrate. How is it? Well, today I got my Halloween themed FEAR crate and it’s AMAZING! Also, it came exactly on Halloween, so that’s pretty amazing too.

Lookie at the cool stuff in it!


  • A kitty shirt arranged to form a skull. (The shirt is super soft and fits really well!)


  • Dead Rising… wpid-20141031_100256-1.jpg
    wait for it—
    Yes, that’s a pen!


  • How to Survive a Sharknado book (haha because we all need to be prepared for those random natural disasters..)
  • The Walking Dead Lootcrate alternate cover.
  • A Smite skin and god!
  • Tattoos that I have no idea when I’ll wear since it doesn’t exactly go with my halloween costume this year.
  • And a SuperEmoFriends art print!!!!

As always, there’s also candy in the box ❤

I was a little meh with last month’s box since it was Galactic themed, and while I did enjoy my Han Solo poster and Tribble plush, I hadn’t watch Firefly yet (gasp!) so half the box was lost to me.

In Canada, Lootcrate is a little more expensive than if our neighbours in the US were to get the same box. They pay $13.37, when we pay almost $30 a month (YOU KNOW. JUST A LITTLE MORE EXPENSIVE. JUST A LITTLE). Wish I could pay the US price 😦 I’m excited to see what else my future crates will contain.. and it’s awesome that Lootcrate crates our loot, so we get to loot our crate 🙂

You can also check out Nerd Block for an alternate nerdy subscription box, but I’ve never used them so can’t comment! They also ship to Canada too!

– Karen


4 thoughts on “The FEAR Lootcrate!

    • kalyrical says:

      Yeah some months seem to be definitely worth it (i mean this month’s had a tee!), whereas the $30 is not justified for others. However…if I was in the States, I’d see no reason not to get it. I mean, $13.

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