Contingent comtemplation: Nostalgia- Pokemon

I walked into McDonalds today to get an iced coffee…but then I saw the Happy Meal display. They were giving out Pokemon figurines! Honestly, I could not care less about the Liv Dolls that were also available. I decided my new goal is to collect all the Pokemon that they give out =) The two legendary Pokemon, Reshiram and Zekrom, really caught my eye. Being the chicken I was, I made my sister buy the happy meal so I did not look like an overgrown idiot. She came back with the tray and the toy that came with the meal was a Tepig. Real cute. But not a legendary Pokemon. I thought about going up to the counter and initiating a Pokemon trade with the McDonald employee. But that would probably make me look like a huge dork…so I begged my sister to return to the counter and see what else they had. I went with her, casually watching them bring out more Pokemon and when they brought out Zekrom, I kind of grabbed it saying “We’ll have this one, thank you”. So much for not looking weird.

My happy meal ^^ Chicken Mcnuggets a tribute to Amir.

Anyway, that is what really got me thinking back to when I was about ten? Spending all my allowance on Pokemon cards, trading with my friends, bragging about certain ones with high hps, playing all the games. After the Pokemon card phase came the Yu-Gi-Oh phase. Watching the shows, buying the cards… If only I could have the money I wasted on them now– I would probably have a small fortune. But I guess that is how kids are…mindlessly spending money. But to be honest, we probably still are like that. I know I buy more junk than necessary. I guess collecting the happy meal toy would be an example. Oh…and my new WoW card collection. It’s amazing how obsessions can take over you…and your wallet. But to be fair, I really wanted a WoW loot card. Still have not gotten one yet, but I think I gave up.

Anyone want to buy these of me? Or just take them…they’re not good for me.

Maybe a new goal of mine would be to stop wasting moolah on totally stupid things. I look back and seriously could have done without the cards. Or maybe not because that would have made a elementary school outcast or something. ARGH! Society is so complicated.



4 thoughts on “Contingent comtemplation: Nostalgia- Pokemon

  1. legendavid says:

    On the topic of Pokemon

    I remember the countless amount of money I spent on Pokemon cards too! Then there were the Yu-Gi-Oh cards too. I had a bunch of nice cards that I was gonna sell for money, but my little brother took my cards and gave them all away. That’s a wasted investment D=

    Maybe we should organize a group to go to McDonalds and we should all order Happy Meals. I guess the mob mentality would make it seem less embarrassing.

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