And so the blog begins!

Hey everyone =)

With encouragement and inspiration from my friends, I have decided to finally take up blogging. To be honest, I have blogged before but you will probably never find my other blog. But anyway, moving on with the present, this will be my official blog! I have never been good at keeping journals or diaries, and who knows how long this blog will actually last, but regardless, I think you should read it and have a peek inside my brain!

I still have no idea what I will be posting on here. Most likely, I will be documenting my life. If you are a friend of mine and is reading this, I hope you will appear somewhere within the posts of this blog sometime in the future! I doubt my life is that interesting. Let me put it this way: if my life was published into a book, it probably would not be a bestseller. However, it also probably would not be on the discount shelf as stock waiting to be cleared by the bookstore. =) At least that is how I want to see it, and hope it is seen!



7 thoughts on “And so the blog begins!

      • legendavid says:

        Mine is pretty much gonna be all over the place. I started doing more posts in reply to the riot, and now I’m waiting for my camera before I can go around and make this a photo blog. Otherwise I’ve been writing a bit on gaming like a good little geek haha!

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