Doing my part to help Vancouver become the Greenest City by 2020!

Hey all!

Very exciting news…at least for me it is!! I have been wanting a bike for the longest time since coming back to Canada. To be honest, I wanted a bike back in Hong Kong too, but it was too hot most of the time for me to want to go out and bike.

I went with my dad to Canadian Tire to look at bikes and walked out with one that I LOVED! Now I can go explore further than my legs can usually take me, and I am sure my friends who already have bikes can give me some heads up on how to properly use it around the city. However, to begin, I searched up the city bylaws regarding cycling and now know the required accessories one must have to legally ride a bike.

Here are some that I still have yet to buy:
-front lights
-back lights
-a bell

Asides from this, I have to get a lock. I already have a helmet…but must get the other accessories! Anyone know a good place to buy cheap bike stuff in Vancouver? =)


Greenest City 2020


Anyway, moving on to the topic of Vancouver Greenest City initiative, biking will definitely help this cause! For those of you who do not know, the Greenest City 2020 initiative has a goal for Vancouver to become the greenest city in the world by the year 2020. We already have one of the smallest carbon footprints in the world and is one of the best places in the world to live in! Our ambitious new goal is to be the best at being green!

It is not only vehicle emissions, but also other aspects such as clean water, a green economy and allowing for the availability of local food. Ambitious, it is, but there have already been significant steps taken since the formation of this goal in 2009.

What gets to many citizens is the cost. The newly installed bike lanes downtown cost a whopping $3.2 Million. Will they be as useful as intended? How much of the population will actually use them? I feel it will be hard for everyone to suddenly turn to biking. Cars are just too useful a way to get directly to your destination. However, with more programs steering towards sustainability, perhaps encouragement and changing of mindsets will appear. 2020 is coming up soon, especially with the vast amounts of change that we want to happen. But at least we are getting the idea out there. It will help raise awareness for the cause and I believe change will eventually occur. Again, I’m only an optimistic 17-year-old voicing her outlooks on Vancouver’s future! So ignore me if you disagree =) Now armed with my new bike, I hope I will be contributing more to this initiative!


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