The last month in a nutshell

I hate it when I have huge gaps in my blog. And it sucks more when there were actually things I had wanted to blog about but never got around to it. School + work was not as easy to juggle as I had hoped. So here’s a summary in word vomit— the last month in a nutshell!

1. Pumpkin Patch!

I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch in… 13 years? Yeah, about that long. It was way back in elementary school, when I was about 10? 9? Anyway, this year, I really really wanted to go. My boyfriend and I ended up going to Southland Heritage Farms, which was pretty close to my old neighborhood. The farm was so cute!


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The FEAR Lootcrate!

Hello everyone,

So we all know about monthly subscription boxes. In the past I’ve gotten them for makeup as well as nail polish but I soon came to realize that I don’t actually wear much makeup so all of it goes to waste, and I was over my nail polish phase pretty quickly.

Recently I got a half-year subscription to Lootcrate. How is it? Well, today I got my Halloween themed FEAR crate and it’s AMAZING! Also, it came exactly on Halloween, so that’s pretty amazing too.

Lookie at the cool stuff in it!


  • A kitty shirt arranged to form a skull. (The shirt is super soft and fits really well!)


  • Dead Rising… wpid-20141031_100256-1.jpg
    wait for it—
    Yes, that’s a pen!


  • How to Survive a Sharknado book (haha because we all need to be prepared for those random natural disasters..)
  • The Walking Dead Lootcrate alternate cover.
  • A Smite skin and god!
  • Tattoos that I have no idea when I’ll wear since it doesn’t exactly go with my halloween costume this year.
  • And a SuperEmoFriends art print!!!!

As always, there’s also candy in the box ❤

I was a little meh with last month’s box since it was Galactic themed, and while I did enjoy my Han Solo poster and Tribble plush, I hadn’t watch Firefly yet (gasp!) so half the box was lost to me.

In Canada, Lootcrate is a little more expensive than if our neighbours in the US were to get the same box. They pay $13.37, when we pay almost $30 a month (YOU KNOW. JUST A LITTLE MORE EXPENSIVE. JUST A LITTLE). Wish I could pay the US price 😦 I’m excited to see what else my future crates will contain.. and it’s awesome that Lootcrate crates our loot, so we get to loot our crate 🙂

You can also check out Nerd Block for an alternate nerdy subscription box, but I’ve never used them so can’t comment! They also ship to Canada too!

– Karen

Too old for Halloween

Hey everyone,

So Halloween just ended (you may have noticed from the sudden flood of Christmas products today), and it really made me miss the old days when I used to go trick or treating.

If you know my backstory, you’ll know that I was in Hong Kong for five of my teenage years, which meant I missed out on five years of free candy since trick or treating was not recognized in HK. If you knocked on someone’s door on October 31st there, pestering them for candy, you may get rewarded with your very own restraining order.

It’s not just the candy that I miss. I have always loved dressing up as someone/something else. I remember one of my first costumes was Sailor Moon. After that, I kept finding excuses to wear costumes. I discovered cosplaying, which was an outlet, but what’s so special about Halloween is that everyone can be in costume! Every year, I get my mom to make me a costume (she loves designing them), but sadly, I don’t have much reason to wear them. Unless I choose to go to a party.

A quick picture I snapped with my friend before the party. I was Mulan for the night!

A quick picture I snapped with my friend before the party. I was Mulan for the night!

Parties aren’t always my thing, but it’s one of the few ways someone my age can wear a costume. Last year, I chose not to go, so I missed out on dressing up. I chose to party this year, and while I didn’t really enjoy the partying bit, I was in costume. I guess you win some, and you lose some.

But what I’ve noticed is that at parties and on campus, very few people actually care about their costumes. Put on a pair of bunny or cat ears, and voila, costume completed. On Halloween day, I didn’t have the guts to wear a costume to school. I did in my first year, but it was quite embarrassing since no one else dressed up. But I saw a few people walking around with costumes this year, and it made me super happy. Huge props to them for being brave and throwing on a costume! It really takes more guts than you would think. I sincerely hope that they had a wonderful time being someone else for a day, and I could only wish that I had their courage. My blog gets a lot less traffic than UBC Compliments’ Facebook page, so I also posted something similar to what I said above there. Hopefully, my message reaches the people who dressed up!

So how was your Halloween?

– Karen