Halloween 2020—But I’ve been wearing a mask ereday already D:

The boyfriend are I are back in Vancouver, working remotely. Most of the people at our office are working from home, meaning if we shifted our hours in Vancouver to match up with our Montreal work hours, there isn’t much of a difference anyway. So it’ll be nice to spend a bit of time with family before going back after the holidays!

For Halloween, we did a little get together at my boyfriend’s family’s place! There are new Covid restrictions recently in BC, so we did something small with a more restricted audience, and kept our masks on during the whole event.

One of the boyfriend’s sisters told us a funny joke — which I used partially as this blog’s title! “It’s Halloween? But I’ve been wearing a mask and eating candy every day since March!’

We all brought a bunch of food for a spooky-themed Halloween potluck. It was originally planned for dinner, but as we wanted to avoid going indoors, we ended up moving up all our plans so we could stay outside in the “warmth” (I think it was around 11 degrees celsius that afternoon — so still pretty chilly) and avoid closed spaces.

We also decorated the backyard in a mishmash of Halloween decor. I dressed up as a Little Sister from Bioshock and the boyfriend was a vampire ❤

I haven’t blogged in a while, but it was a nice and special day I wanted to remember because of several reason:

  • It was our little nephew’s first proper Halloween (he couldn’t trick or treat, but we let him pretend to do so by coming up to us and asking “trick or treat?” politely, before giving him a pre-packed treat bag :’D)
  • It was our brother-in-law’s birthday! (Happy bday C!)
  • And my boyfriend’s sister announced she’s pregnant!!!!!! In the cutest way possible!! She had kept her jacket on the whole time at the start of the party, and when we gathered for a group photo, she took off her jacket to reveal there’s a baby bear sewed into her sweater. So she was dressed as mama bear, her husband was papa bear, and when we saw the little baby bear on her sweater we freaked out!!

During Covid, I think everyone’s feeling a little lonely and time seems to fly by without any special outings or events to differentiate certain days from the rest. I’d like to hold on to this memory for a little bit of serotonin while I can 🙂 Hope everyone else is hanging in there!


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