Enchant Vancouver’s Light Maze Experience

This year, in addition to the usual festivities around the city, Enchant became a new addition on many people’s to-do list for Christmas. We were lucky enough to get free tickets and we got to experience the light maze and the market inside it!

Firstly, dress warm. It didn’t rain or snow on the day we went, but after wandering around in the maze for a while, you will get pretty cold. Also, the maze isn’t as simple as you’d think. I really did get lost twice. At the beginning of the maze, they hand out cards for you to collect stamps every time you find one of the reindeer in the maze. If you’re trying to find them, it might actually take a bit of effort!


The light maze had many amazing sights and you can tell it was made for photo-taking. They had walls of full-length mirrors scattered all around the maze so that you can take group selfies whenever you wanted to (and maybe it helps add to a maze-like effect, but honestly, I thought they were amazing for selfies).

There’s also light up photo frames and very Insta worthy scenes. I made do with my iPhone, but I can imagine photographers having a ball here.


They also had free photos with Santa! You use your own camera, but I mean, most places charge for even just meeting Santa, so this was nice. There was a small lineup to take the photo, but it went pretty fast. We went on a Friday, and we thought there might be a line to get into the maze itself, but it was pretty chill.


After navigating the maze and finding all the reindeer, our group went to the Christmas market at Enchant. It’s not huge, but it is in a giant heated tent. They sold a lot of small things that would make for good Christmas gifts, but being mostly artisanal, they usually came with a heftier price tag. I didn’t end up buying anything, but my boyfriend and I did share a donut! Cartems had a stall there and seeing their mulled wine donuts, I couldn’t resist.


Is Enchant worth $20? Maybe for a one-time visit. I mean, we spent a total of maybe 2 hours there (walked through the Christmas market around 3 times). We also all had dinner prior to going, but if we ate there I suppose we would’ve been there for a bit longer. There’s loads of food carts (I counted at least 10+) and there’s even a heated tent for you to sit down and eat, but the seats were highly contested. I do imagine it can get kind of pricey eating there though.


I don’t see them lowering their ticket prices anytime soon, seeing how popular it was. I personally probably won’t return next year at $20 (it’s actually $25 if you go after 8PM), but I’m sure there’ll be people that will. It honestly was very beautiful though and I had a great time. I’m also glad that Vancouver got another little Christmas attraction for the city to enjoy! Shoutout to my boyfriend’s mom since her friend got us these tickets 🙂



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