Game of Thrones season 6 dinner party

Most other premieres, my friends and I end up going to Storm Crow to snag a spot and watch the episode with local Vancouverites. But this one, we decided to do it at my friend’s house since it’d be her house-cooling party (is that actually a thing? Either way, she’s moving houses). 

If you or a friend has HBO, you should do this for every premiere. It’s so fun and you can always theme the night if you want! We did a themed dinner for Game of Thrones several years back, and this time, we sort of tried it again, though our food choices were more “I want to eat this” rather than “this seems like something GoT characters would eat”.

If you wanted good recipes for A Song of Ice and Fire themed eats, here’s a great site! The writers even published an official cookbook for the HBO series! Sansa’s salad is kind of from the book, except my friend omitted a few ingredients… the rest were made up. I brought the oysters— they were on sale at T&T of all places?!

And here’s a photo where literally 0 of us were ready.


Anyone else see the season 6 premiere? I personally thought it was a little lackluster, and not much was answered. And the big “secret” at the end of the episode was meh. But I suppose it worked as a good episode to remind everyone where we are in all the storylines. Excited to see what’s to come, except I suspect I’ll be quite behind in the series since I’ll be going to Hong Kong next week. With limited wifi. Woe is me!



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