If you don’t go to grad, do you really grad?

mildly amused karen

Me looking mildly amused

I mean, of course, the answer is yes.

Since I’ll  be going to Hong Kong end of April, I’ll be missing my graduation ceremony. And I suppose I willingly missed my grad night. Grad night was basically dinner with others who were graduating this year (hey. I saved $100. And I was in the U.S. that Saturday), since I knew being in my fifth year, and not having any classes in term 2, I’d totally know everyone there.

I realize I don’t really mind. A lot of my friends either graduated last year, or were stragglers who were done last term and took this opportunity to go travelling. Also, who’s to say I won’t return to do some graduate studies? Maybe then I’ll walk the ceremony.

I did my Artona graduation pictures. That counts, right?

I had no idea what dress I wanted to wear for Artona. Unlike my past grad dresses for high school and such, no one was really going to see this one. I mean, half the pictures have me in a graduation gown, covering everything I’m wearing.

grad 1

About a week before my photo session, I wanted a Princess Leia inspired dress. Which I just went with, and honestly, I was pretty happy with the results 🙂 I was hesitant with white, but oh well.

I was allowed to take 1 friend photo, as well as 1 family photo. My boyfriend wore a vest reminiscent of Han Solo ❤

Hasta la vista university (for now)!


5 thoughts on “If you don’t go to grad, do you really grad?

  1. Chris Halliday says:

    I took the run approach, this was just from High School graduation. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation though Karen! Well done.

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