Today, I got ridiculously happy when my boyfriend told me that he’d have two dogs sleeping over. He also has a dog, so there would be THREE dogs in my life today.

I knew I had to go get dog treats for them somewhere. I happened to recall a dog bakery along Main, so I headed there right after work. This place was Three Dog Bakery โ€” WHICH NOW I REALIZE IS SO PERFECT. Because there’s three dogs at our place today. Only now do I realize this. Sigh.

IMG_1076I ended up getting a bunch of goodies. I got three rawhide braids for them (beef flavoured), three donuts, and an extra cookie for my boyfriend’s dog because I heard he was getting a little jealous from all the attention that now went to the two other dogs. I couldn’t have little Rascal feeling left out. The guy who worked there was really nice and also gave us a little baggie of their oven baked treats as aย sample ๐Ÿ™‚


I cannot believe I wasn’t buying this for myself. There’s no chocolate here, just carob. They look so good!


LOOK AT THEM ENJOYING THEIR TREAT (I didn’t get a picture of them eating the donuts because I was too excited watching them). I have no idea if the treats were any good, but they pretty much gobbled it up. Like the guy at the store’s response ofย “basically all of them” when I asked which of the treats were fan favourites, I think dogs will eat anything.

Anyway, a little later on, we took them for a walk so they could do their business. Ollie (the brown & black dog) was quite a handful, but she was my responsibility because Tommy (the jet black one) would be too strong if he bolted after something, so my boyfriend took his leash. My boyfriend’s mom took Rascal…and I didn’t want to compete with her because Rascal would get hurt if she walked somedog else.




I need more dogs in my life.

– Karen


11 thoughts on “THREE DOGS IN MY LIFE!!!

  1. jessicayet says:

    Your boyfriend’s dogs are so cute! I love going to Three dogs bakery to get my cousins dog treats for her birthday. The staff there are always so nice as well!

  2. MrJohnson says:

    Oooh..I like Ollie. I’d be satisfied with Tommy too. I’m not so into the shaggy dogs but I can love them too. Is it possible that a person could mistaken those dog doughnuts for human treats?

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