Richmond Night Market 2015

Hey all,

It’s summer, so the obligatory visit to the Richmond Night Market has happened.

How did it fare compared to the other years? A huge turn off is the entrance fee. I remember when they first opened and it was what? $1? $1.50? This year’s entrance fee is $2.75.

But as always, they still had great food (that’ll cost you a small fortune):

Is it worth the $2.75 entrance fee? Here’s the thing: I used to be down to go to the night market whenever. Different group of friends would visit, and I’d be fine tagging along. A $1 entrance fee isn’t too bad, and even then I had to get used to paying to go inside a place where I’d be paying again for food and other merchandise. But now it’s almost $3. Definitely, I’m cool with going once and getting my night market experience. I’ll crave the food again, but I can get most of it in Aberdeen/the Richmond are, just without the atmosphere. But nonetheless, that’s why I said I’d go once.

When I went, it was super busy as always.

The food alley is always the busiest!

The food alley is always the busiest!

This year’s theme was pirates, so there were plenty of photo ops with pirate LolliDuck, including a giant pirate ship.


And if you wanted, you can sit on the Rotato Throne. (Not sure if I thought it was funny or if I was just cringing when I saw it.)


Anyway, hope your visit to the night market goes well! And don’t forget that if you want the night market experience but don’t want to pay for admission, there’s always the International Richmond Night Market. They’re a little more out of the way, but there’s a free shuttle that you can take from Bridgeport as well. Or if you wanted to drive, it’s free parking! Here’s a deal: if you read this blog post and you go to the paid night market, you have to visit the free one at some point this summer as well. Balance out the business so there’s competition, you know? Competition is always better for the consumer πŸ™‚

– Karen

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5 thoughts on “Richmond Night Market 2015

  1. andy1076 says:

    oooo takoyaki and smelly tofu! I just wish it was more authentic though, there used to be a really good one along number 6 road but they closed down 😦

      • andy1076 says:

        That’s what’s sad 😦 the one on number 6 road was the only authentic one, they used to sell like 12 pieces with pickled vegetable with a side of all you can drink fresh soy for only 4 bucks but they got shut down due to smell geesh 😦

      • andy1076 says:

        mmmm a few years back, you know how there’s a buns master on number 6? just before you turn right to go to silvercity? well across from it is where it used to be, there’s also places frozen dim sum there too πŸ™‚

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