Friday at The Narrow Lounge

Hey Vancouverites,

If you don’t live in Vancouver, this post may not be very useful to you. But I mean, if you’re going to come by for a visit, keep reading!

Yesterday my friend and I met for dinner at this wonderful little place.

 Photo 5-30-2014, 5 20 46 PM

There are no signs hinting at the fact that this isn’t an abandoned, sketchy alley of some sort. As you can see, I was quite hesitant to go down the stairs since I still couldn’t actually see the restaurant itself at this point.

Photo 5-30-2014, 5 20 54 PM

Adjusting to the darkness inside from the gorgeous sunny day I had just ditched in favour of this this place, I was blind. I heard someone say “Hello there!” to me inside, and I responded with “Hi… I have a friend at the patio?” She told me to go straight then turn left. I did that, following the light from the back of the dark bar area I was in. Turning left, I realized I had entered an abandoned parking lot. Very confused.

Photo 5-30-2014, 6 17 41 PM

But then I saw that to my right there was a little closed off area! And then I finally found my friend.

The Narrow Lounge is a neat little secret. Their decor is very unique, and their indoors and outdoors space gives off very different vibes. You can order beer by the buckets, or have they whip up a nice cocktail for you! Their food was also very good. I was starving by the time I got here and I ordered the pulled pork sandwich with potato wedges. My friend had the chicken taco (“Everything about these tacos tastes so right.”). If you’re looking for a new, neat place to eat, I’d definitely recommend at least going to The Narrow Lounge at least once!

The Narrow Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Later on, maybe due to my complaints of being very full, my friend suggested we walked to the cinemas instead. Since the lounge was located near Main and Terminal, it meant we could have a lovely walk around False Creek to get downtown. I think it was that walk that suddenly made me think about how gorgeous Vancouver is. Walking by Science World also brought back memories to when my parents got a family pass for us when I was about 7 years old. I want to go back so bad. I don’t care that most of the things in there are designed for younger kids. I want to play with all the neat sciencey contraptions!

Photo 5-30-2014, 6 35 08 PM

– Karen


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