Whistler = A Winter Wonderland

Hey all, I have not been to Whistler for… I’m guessing at least ten years. To be fair, I was actually on another continent for five of those years, but I realized how much I wanted to see it again. It felt like the first time since I barely had any memories of it. It’s reading break and to start off our holiday, two friends and I went to the snow dusted municipality of Whistler. Here’s the thing though: we don’t snowboard or ski– so what is there to do there if you’re both hesitant to slide down the mountain at high speeds, and want to avoid spending a few hundred bucks on rentals? Well, our itinerary was basically the following:

1. Eat

2. Toboggan (Would recommend just heading by Canadian Tire and getting your own board. It costs $10 there, and $30 in Whistler)

A pic with some kid who taught us how to properly toboggan :)

A pic with some kid who taught us how to properly toboggan πŸ™‚

3. Skate Photo 2-16-2014, 4 58 29 PM

4. Watch the Sochi Olympics in the square (or in the hotel with a nice can of beer at 9AM in the morning– Yay! We won men’s hockey which was no surprise!) IMG_2846 5. Eat

6. Watch shows (x)

Driving around Whistler was beautiful– it looked exactly like a winter wonderland that you would expect to see on Christmas Cards. The snow covered the limbs of trees, framing the green giants. In some areas up there, the snow was so thick and untouched it looked fake! I wish I could bring back the exact image of the environment with me because it was beautiful. But I guess I’ll have to do with just pictures.


This was more beautiful in person!

Sure, Whistler is cold, but it’s not too bad if you wear a decent amount of clothing. I was fine with a large waterproof jacket and a sweater inside. I would highly recommend not wearing jeans because any contact with the snow will result in you feeling like you wet yourself. This little three day holiday was refreshing in one other aspect as well: we did not wake up till noon every day. We planned everything quite well and knew when we had/should head out to Whistler Village again, so everyone felt well rested! I mean, it has been a while since we could all sleep in. Most of time during vacations, I am forced to wake up early in order to make the most of my time, but I realize that with proper planning, sleep is an option. Hope other fellow UBC students are having a good reading break so far, and that everyone else is enjoying the slow transition from winter to spring! – Karen


11 thoughts on “Whistler = A Winter Wonderland

  1. andy1076 says:

    It’s been so long since I’ve been to whistler WITH snow, I miss skiing since it was also at least 10 years for me now sigh! But, the thought of tobaggon (sic) and the delicious food plus your beautiful photo makes me want to go first thing in the morning! πŸ™‚

  2. MrJohnson says:

    This post describes the ideal life. Play, eat, play, sleep, eat, no work. Reading break = holiday? Aren’t you suppose to be reading..haha.

    • kalyrical says:

      Sshh… let’s not think about the reading. Maybe it’ll go away. Anyway, yeah, that’s how I’d want to live life πŸ˜› Which is probably why this trip was so enjoyable!

    • kalyrical says:

      Ick the broccoli was unappetizing to me (but my two friends gobbled it up), but the bell peppers were nice! AH! We wanted to snowshoe so bad, but it was really expensive up near Whistler Blackcomb. Then we realized that near the Whistler Olympic Park, they charged less than half the price for snowshoe rentals! We were pretty miffed that we didn’t realize sooner.

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