Onyx at the Pumpkin Patch!

This last weekend, we took Onyx to Rondriso Farms in Surrey! I guess we won’t ever know if this is truly his first time at a pumpkin patch — maybe before us adopting him from the Korean rescue society, he’s been due to some circumstance or another. But either way, it seemed like he had fun!

We were keeping our eyes out for a dog-friendly pumpkin patch. I love going to pumpkin patches around Halloween. There’s something so magical in the air. Orange squashes, crunchy fall leaves, and children running around trying to drag along pumpkins half their size. The farms also usually have fun things to do, such as animals to observe, local produce to buy, and my favorite: hay rides!

Rondriso farms provided hay rides for $3 per person. If you want to bypass the ride, you can also grab a wheelbarrow and walk down to the pumpkin patch yourself. Entrance to the pumpkin patch is $6 per person. Then depending on which pumpkins you pick up, their prices will vary based on type and size.

We woke up early and met up with my fiancé’s sisters. The farm opened at 10 AM and we were there at 10 AM. It was nice since there were few families initially—but even as we stayed, more and more folks poured in.

Onyx initially seemed apprehensive about the hay ride, but because my fiancé and I sat on both sides of him, he started to have a good time! When we got to the pumpkin patch, Onyx happily roamed the dusty grounds. He also started doing this thing where he licked the pumpkins?! The once dusty pumpkins would then have “clean” patches because he’d randomly lick at them. So strange.

We ended up taking home 3 pumpkins! 2 bigger/medium-sized ones, and a small little white one. We all got thoroughly dusty, but we’re glad it wasn’t rainy recently since it would’ve made the patch all muddy! Onyx is too close to the floor for that to end well for him (bath-wise).

I also ended up buying a pumpkin pie, a jar of jam, and local sausages. The pie I brought to my fiancé’s family’s belated Thanksgiving dinner that night! Onyx was pooped on the way back home. He passed out in our car!

Speaking of the dinner, I quite liked this pasta dish we brought for the potluck: french onion pasta! The pasta we bought from Trader Joe’s during a road trip down to Bellingham in late September. They were perfect for the theme! We also used a LOT of onions since they caramelize down to nothing.

A lovely way to end off the day!


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