Whistler family time! During a heatwave.

For the August 1st long weekend, we went up to Whistler with the fiancé’s family! It also happened to be when a heatwave came down on BC, so that was a bit of a challenge. But nevertheless, we had a lot of fun!

We drove up on Saturday night since we had a hangout with friends earlier in the day. The rest of his family headed up earlier to their family cabin. I also invited my dad, so the 4 of us (my dad, the fiancé, our dog, and myself) drove up later and also got a quick bite at the Village before arriving at the cabin.

My dad marvelled at how his burger from Dubh Linn Gate costed $24. I ended up ordering a salad there because it was too hot for me to think about eating hot foods. The salad was $21 so I guess the burger’s pricing wasn’t too shabby. That said, this Irish pub is dog friendly and I loved that we could eat with our doggo next to us!

When we finally got to the cabin, we had desserts with the rest of the group and then it was soon time for bed. But oh my goodness. The heat was killing me. In the 2nd floor of the cabin, there wasn’t a breeze (windows had to be closed since we’d be an all you can eat buffet for mosquitos if we kept it opened) and my brain would not let me go to sleep. Eventually, I woke up the fiancé and we went out for a little walk so I could cool down. Only then could I lay back down on the bed to finally try sleeping. It was a rough night and I got maybe 4 hours of sleep in the end.

The next day we went to Rainbow Park! The lake was lovely and a welcomed escape from the heat. There was a dog park area where dogs could also make use of the lake. It was so cute watching our doggo try to swim for the first time!! He didn’t enjoy the water. But he was able to swim, which was a relief to us. At one point, he got super excited and ran around the whole dog park, becoming a little tornado on people’s blankets and riling up all the dogs. I think the whole park learned his name that day as we frantically tried to call to him so he’d calm down. It was simultaneously headache inducing, but also made us happy because our little rescue dog was finally opening up after 2 months of us getting him.

Later that day after dinner, we all played some board games. We tried out Sabobatage and we got into a very intense game of trying to ruin each others’ progress in building boba “drinks”. And then we also played a game of Mysterium, which I moderated as the ghost. We went past midnight and I slept much better on the second night than I did the first!

For our last day up at Whistler, we ended up eating breakfast and then taking a short trip out to Whistler Village again. I always love visiting the candy shopI found the pineapple only Haribo there! But it was like $6 so I gave it a pass. We had wanted to go to Cow’s for ice cream, but we settled for Dairy Queen since the lineups for Cow’s was insane. Our ice creams were pretty melted by the time we walked from the DQ to the parking lot though, which was probably a 5 minutes walk? Heat waves aren’t a joke.

We left shortly after lunch and made the 2 hour drive back down. It was a fun time and I’m glad to have spent it with people I love! Ideally though, I made the suggestion to not go up again during a heat wave :’ )

Our little boy was so pooped on the way down, he passed out instantly.


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