Superliminal: Inception made into a game

I recently finished Superliminal and thought it was a pretty refreshing experience! If you like video games that make you go “wait what?” as you try to solve puzzles, this is for you.

A caveat is that the puzzles aren’t super hard. There were only 1 or 2 that I was truly stuck on, and I’m not usually an avid puzzle games pursuer. The overall game is pretty linear too. There are some red herrings in rooms, but otherwise, it’s pretty clear what puzzle you’ll have to work out and with what objects in the room.

For a 2 hour experience, I quite liked my time with Superliminal. It’s very The Stanley Parable in feel so if you enjoyed that, you might have fun with this. Superliminal is all about spatial and perspective puzzles that also plays with a lot of optical illusions. As a small spoiler, this is not a horror game. I had moments where I was a little jumpy because I thought they were going to jump scare me but it never happened.

You start off the game realizing you’re part of some sleep study. As you progress, you learn that you’re getting deeper into dreams—you’re essentially trapped in dreams within dreams. Very Inception-like if you ask me!

I loved playing around with the objects in the rooms and changing my perspective so that I can find the way out. It’s hard to explain, but I think this trailer from the developers of the game likely gives you a good feel of what you can expect:

I enjoyed the ending too and felt it was a nice message.

One thing is that I did get get a bit of motion sickness playing this. The fiancé was watching me play it and usually he’s the one who gets motion sick—but for some reason he didn’t feel it as badly as me? Just a word of warning!

We only recently re-subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass so this was a nice short experience to get us back into the groove!


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