Fan Expo Vancouver 2016!

I’m so glad that Fan Expo is now in November rather than April-ish. I always go to Emerald City during that time and I either have to skip Fan Expo Vancouver entirely or choose to go for only one day. And even if I do go, I never have time for original cosplays and end up re-using an old one.

This past weekend, I went all 3 days. Vancouver Fan Expo actually feels a little smaller than when I last went, which was back in 2014. Friday was pretty quiet in terms of both the crowd and cosplays, but the con really came alive on Saturday. Sunday once again dimmed down a little, but was still busier than Friday. I’d say if you’re looking to walk around the con without huge lineups, congested showfloors, and full panels, Friday would be the best day to go. Saturday is great if you’re wanting to look at wonderful cosplays or meetup with other people cosplaying from the same theme/fandom as you are.

There weren’t as many comic guests as I would’ve liked, so I didn’t really linger around that section much. I really liked the exhibitors who were selling stuff though because Vancouver is terrible for getting geeky merchandise. But again, it wasn’t the biggest showfloor and it didn’t take long to peruse all the goods that were on sale.

I ended up buying two prints. I thought the Care Bear one by Jim Su was amazing. I don’t even like Care Bears (nor do I recall watching it), but it was too awesome to pass up. I also got the Portal turret because it was on sale and I thought it looked nice and minimalistic.


In terms of entertainment guests, I thought the lineup was alright. Carrie Fisher cancelled though and she was the one I was looking forward to most. The good thing is that ECCC announced her for their coming show, so hopefully I’ll get to catch her there! My friends and I ended up sitting in for the Jewel Staite, Christopher Lloyd, Tom Cavanagh, and Tom Felton panels. We also stayed for the Sailor Moon Celebration panel, since my friend and I dressed up as Sailor Saturn and Sailor Pluto on Saturday/Sunday. We ended up taking a picture with Linda Ballantyne and Susan Roman!

On Friday, we wore comfy cosplays, which basically was me just finding stuff in my closet that kind of resembled Joyce Byers’ clothes in Stranger Things (this is such a great show and if you haven’t seen it, please do!). My friends were the wall, Eleven, and Dustin. It took people a while to recognize who we were, but once they saw one of us, they’d usually start to piece together the rest of our cosplays and then they’d get really excited. It was really funny to see!

As Sailor Pluto, I had a little Sailor Moon run up to my friend and I asking if she could have a photo with us. I also had a 6-year-old kid who asked for my autograph, and then after taking a few seconds to wonder why anyone would want me to sign something, his mom clarified that he meant a photo. Your heart really melts when kids shyly ask for a picture!

Again, I’m so glad that Fan Expo is now moved to fall. Excited to see what’s coming next year!



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