I ate at Bob’s Burgers! Vancouver’s “What’s Up? Hot Dog!” dresses up for Halloween

This year for Halloween, I had the pleasure of dining at Bob’s Burgers!!

If you haven’t watched Bob’s Burgers, you have to go and watch it now. Then come back and read this. It’s such a great show! It depicts the life of Bob and his family. They’re all a little zany and weird, but that’s what makes them so relatable.

Anyway, like last year, What’s Up? Hot Dog! in Vancouver transformed their diner into Bob’s Burgers from the show! I didn’t get to go last year, so I made sure I squeeze a visit into my schedule this Halloween.

The lines are always a little insane, given that there’s about 10 tables in the whole restaurant. I actually went at about 3PM, which meant it was too early for dinner, but too late for lunch. We were seated immediately.

There’s lots of little nods to the show such as:


The poster from the episode Human Flesh, in which the health inspector comes by to Bob’s Burgers and upon seeing Bob’s wife Linda, realizes Bob is the man who Linda left him for when they were previously engaged. Of course, he decided he’ll get back at the couple by shutting down their restaurant under the pretence that their burgers were made with the human meat from the nearby crematorium.

Super brave for an actual restaurant to put this up. Especially for people passing by who may not know the context.


They also had a menu for burgers that were actually featured on the show. Bob always tries to come up with witty or punny burgers of the day at Bob’s Burgers, so it was cool to see them executed in real life!

img_6463Their staff dressed up as characters in the show! If this isn’t the cutest thing ever, I don’t know what is. They also had Bob’s Bugers playing in the background for the whole day.

img_6458If you wanted to commemorate this big day, you could also buy a shirt as a souvenir!

img_6476We ended up ordering the “eggers can’t be cheesers” and “blue is the warmest cheese”. I love eggs so I don’t know why I can’t have a fried egg in my burger more often. It was also perfectly gooey so when I bit into it, it oozed out.


And of course, you can’t have your burgers without Aunt Gayle’s anus paintings staring at you. This was from another episode of the show (Art Crawl) where Linda’s sister Gayle hangs up her paintings at Bob’s Burgers for the community art crawl. Little did Bob realize that her paintings were all of various animals and their buttholes.

I really wish more restaurants dressed up for Halloween. There’s so many eateries/diners/restaurants featured in different shows and movies that I find it hard to believe it’s that hard to theme yourself for a week or so during the holidays. But then again, most of the houses on my block don’t even decorate their front porch for Halloween 😦

One last shot of me freaking out internally.


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