Yat Lok Roast Goose: how is this Michelin-starred?


So after trying out Tim Ho Wan about a month ago, my boyfriend and I decided to go try out another affordable Michelin-starred restaurant: Yat Lok Roast Goose. Yat Lok had their one star for the last two years.


This may be the worst goose I’ve had in the past year— more on this later. I actually really like roasted duck and goose, so I had high hopes. Let me begin by telling you that this place sells vacuum-sealed roasted goose for people to buy as souvenirs. So how can my hopes not be high? Like in what case is roasted goose so delicious that people need it vacuum-sealed so they can take it long distances?

Anyway, we went to the Yat Lok in Central. It took a little bit of searching around, and there were more stairs than I had anticipated, but we eventually found the place.


The interior seemed like a regular HK-style café, and everyone was eating shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers sharing tables. We hastily were sat in a corner, and given menus.

We both ordered a plate of roasted goose with rice, as well as a plate of veggies just so we felt healthier. When it came, my plate of rice looked less appealing than my boyfriend’s. You can see in the picture that I had swapped his for the main plate because it looked better, whereas in picture 2, my plate looked a little shoddy.

Not to be put off by the presentation, I dug in. My duck was overly salty and most of it was bone. I could see my boyfriend’s duck having chunks of meat, so maybe I just got a bad cut. The best part of my plate was the slightly saucy rice. I also had a piece of his duck, and it was definitely less salty. But even then, we both agreed it was not worth the price.


Each plate costs $50HKD, and I had had a plate of roasted duck just two days before for $49, and that came with veggies and a salted egg. The duck also tasted better than this goose. For the price I paid, it was definitely not worth it, and I have no idea how the Michelin system works.

Anyway, maybe I just had a bad plate, but I thought one of the requirements for a Michelin star was consistent quality? Very disappointed.


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