Maker Faire Vancouver 2015 at the PNE Forum

Hello all,

Last Sunday I was at the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire! It was the first time I had been to a Maker Faire, despite it having been ran in Vancouver for quite a while now (the last five years!). For the fourth time, it was held at the PNE Forum.

IMG_0943 copy

I was actually there on behalf of Pinshape, the startup that I’m currently working at. It was a great experience and I got to check out budding tech and inventions! I also talked to lots of people who were interested in 3D printing— which is what Pinshape is associated with. Although we don’t sell 3D printers, nor do we print out models for people, we’re a community marketplace for 3D designers and makers! There were lots of 3D printer companies there, and 3D604 was also there with great makers showing off their printed stuff, but we were the only 3D marketplace there 🙂


I met lots of interesting people, mostly through those who approached the booth to talk to us. I was surprised to learn that quite a number of people own 3D printers, and that they varied vastly in age. Some other startups talked to us, I walked over to the 3D604 peeps to meet some of our community’s designers (John Biehler, Dan Steele, amongst others)— it was basically a day with lots of talking.

Around the faire, crazy stuff was happening. It wan’t the biggest of faires, but there was plenty to look at. Classes were going on (learn to solder, build your own motorized race car, etc.), you could buy neat stuff from stalls, and look at new inventions.

A brother and sister duo came up to our booth, and I had great conversations with them. They were unbelievably talented. Don’t trust me? Google them up: Jessi and Joshua Langager.


I ended up visiting them at their booth too, where their recent creation was displayed. They had made a lego NXT robot, and demonstrated how it was programmed so that it did all sorts of fun things! They were probably my favourite people at the faire.


At the Vancouver Maker Faire, there was also an outdoor area where more makers displayed their arts, and you could also grab some food at the food trucks! I ate a whole pizza because I was exhausted.

Hoping I get to go again next year! Have you ever been? If not, pen it down in your calendars for next year! Especially if you have kids. There’s so much learning going on, and I know for some (like my boyfriend), it was the Maker Faire that inspired them further on down the road 🙂

– Karen


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