Choose me for your apocalypse team! I can use a rapier!

Summer term has started at UBC and I cannot believe how quickly I am once again sick of being back in the same routine. The content for my classes are kind of dry, but I guess I should give them a bit more time to get interesting…hopefully.

So I had morning classes today and I had to head home and change before going of toΒ Academie Duello! I was actually hesitant about going to my rapier class today because I was feeling down from sitting through school. This was my second week in their “Taste of the Renaissance” program, and I had thoroughly enjoyed it every time. So I picked my butt of the floor and headed downtown.

If you looked inside Academie Duello, you will notice they have some nifty things on display…

Photo 2013-05-09 4 55 15 PMPhoto 2013-05-09 4 55 00 PM

Photo 2013-05-09 4 54 35 PM

Right after our class, I felt refreshed! Β It was great to do something not school related and there are some pretty cool people there. It turned my frown upside down. It actualy made my whole day!

Our free hand is supposed to shield our eye/face like this since we're not working with shields yet

Our free hand is supposed to shield our eye/face like this since we’re not working with shields yet. But basically, make yourself as small a target as possible.

So I first came across Academie Duello while I was with one of my friends walking around downtown. I stopped when I saw a group of people in there practicing swordplay and carrying shields. I stared in amazement as they continued to lunge at one another. What was this and how do I join!?

Now that I am a part of the academy, I can say that I really like it. I hated working out and jogging, but this is something else entirely. You get one and half hours of learning how to use a weapon, the history behind it, how to respect the sword and your opponent, and you also end up gaining a small pool of Italian words in your vocabulary.

editedleg copy

The misura larga. You can cover a lot of distance with this while staying safely out of range of your opponent’s rapier.

I hope I get to stay with the program, but I am worried that because I will be gone for the summer, there was be a gap in my learning. But if you are looking for something fun to do, and can commit some time, I would recommend looking up what there is to do at Academie Duello! They also offer a free class for you to try out! Asides from swordplay, they also do archery, horseback riding, and I even saw a class where you sit in their studio for 8 hours and make your own bow!

Hopefully, school beginning again does not mean another haitus for my blog. I guess we will see how that goes.

Until next time!



20 thoughts on “Choose me for your apocalypse team! I can use a rapier!

  1. andy1076 says:

    oh ya you’re definitely going to be on my team with that rapier! i heard about this place sometime ago but never could find the time πŸ™‚

  2. burnabykravmaga says:

    a small sword might be better in apocalypse situation. You should able to learn it after your green level test in AD. A small sword is also fun if you find rapier too heavy for you. πŸ™‚

    • kalyrical says:

      The rapier kind of kills my arm, so yes, I think I would probably prefer a smaller sword! Hm, a small sword may be better (also easier to find in an apocalypse), but that will mean I will have to get closer to whatever we’re fighting. Which…may or may not suck. πŸ˜›

      • burnabykravmaga says:

        the position of your body for small sword is neutral as oppose to Rapier you lean forward. So for a long duration of time you get really sore with rapier. When I was in AD, small sword is taught in seminar. I love it a lot because I am lazy and don’t want to lean too forward. Hey ! are you a doomsday prepper ?

      • kalyrical says:

        So today we did the longsword (I think that’s what it was. It was long, and it was a sword.), and it was crazy heavy. T.T

        I’m not a hardcore doomsday prepper, but my friends and I do sometimes fantasize about what we would do in the case of an apocalypse. One of the first things being to raid a pawn shop because that’s one of the few places around here that would carry usable weapons. How about you!?

      • burnabykravmaga says:

        Long Sword is nice but is too heavy in doomsday situation.

        well ! I see how Pawn shop might be a good idea but many pawn shop do not have weapons other than useless DVDS, gold chain etc. I would say raid a gun store and have a side sword, small sword ready yourself. You only need one good sword in Doomsday situation. My friend and I have a basic doomsday plan. πŸ™‚

      • kalyrical says:

        Hmm..a gun store would be ideal. But I don’t know any in Vancouver (cept that one military place…i think it’s along broadway? Not sure if they sell guns). Obviously, I need to do my research. At this rate, I’ll be the first ones to go when Doomsday comes :/

      • burnabykravmaga says:

        lol !! There is Italian gun store, Lever Arms, Reliable Gun store. I would suggest you also do some Medieval Wrestling. I believe Ronin is the instructor. Another thing that is good in doomsday situation is Bow and Arrow. bullets run out, not arrows. πŸ™‚ I think I am a bit crazy sometimes ha ha. but hey ! I am a Krav Maga instructor.

      • kalyrical says:

        Okay, I now know who I definitely need to seek out in the case of an apocalypse. LOL! You’re the master.
        All this planning and training is going to be quite a workout. Which I need. XD

      • burnabykravmaga says:

        not a problem πŸ™‚ give me a shut anytime you got a question. not really a master, I just think is fun to think about stuffs like this ever happened and of course I wish it never do because I love my sushi, car and every other comfort thing too much πŸ˜›

    • kalyrical says:

      Ooo! I want to try out fencing too! I wanted to fit it into my uni schedule, but I was too bogged down with classes :/ Would you recommend for next year?

      • amber lewis says:

        I really enjoyed it! It sounds like you’re into sword play so I’d definitely recommend it. πŸ™‚

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