Connecticut Shooting

Hey guys,

So I am not here to argue about gun control, but just a bit of a rant about the killer in general.

I was shocked when I heard the breaking news in the car as I was making my way to my last exam yesterday. At that point, the people on the radio said that the school was on lockdown and they could not evacuate anyone yet.

After my exam, I got the news of the results of the shooting. It sickened me.

At first, I was thinking about how wrong targeting an elementary school was. It is not the first time, of course, as history has proven, schools in general are a prime candidate for shootings. But thinking about those little kids just starting off their life, finally being taught skills and learning about the world around them, only to have this psycho come and end it all.

Then my thoughts went out to the parents. It must suck. That is putting it very very lightly. Their kids were just settling into the world. There are heart breaking photos out there of the crying parents, talking into telephones, waiting on news that hopefully their child made it out alive.

And that demystified why the killer would go for an elementary school. It as the hardest blow that he could throw. Have we not all been in school at one point of our lives? Especially in elementary school, when our parents put us in there to set us up for the rest of our lives. Killing there will affect everyone, since we can all relate. Also, killing innocent children will never fail to poke at our emotions.

Then there is also the perfect timing. Not even two weeks away from Christmas– a time of love, family and giving. How many families has he ruined? It also shocks the rest of the country–no– rest of the world, and causes us to think about our family, and how fragile human lives are. Adam Lanza, you really had it all planned out.

I never like to end my posts negatively, so I guess there is also the positive side of things– if you really can consider it that. Heroes emerged from the ordeal, such as the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, who was said to have thrown herself towards the gunman, putting the kids’ lives before her own. I have also read stories on how at least one teacher put herself between the killer, saving her students, but losing her life in the process. Their sacrifice will touch all who hear of their courageous act.

With Christmas drawing near, this massacre also causes everyone to rethink their blessings. Holding dear ones closer, saying “I love you” before it is too late, and cherishing family in general.

While the police is still trying to uncover his motives, it will be interesting to see what lurks in that guy’s mind, and fuelled his actions. He must have really hated society or something. However, I am disgusted by this event, and honestly, all I can think about is how much I hate Lanza right now.

My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Newtown, and to those who lost a family member or a friend during the shooting.



7 thoughts on “Connecticut Shooting

  1. knightmarejjd says:

    These recent acts of violence are extremely disheartening. It feels like the gunmen are picking increasingly more vulnerable targets and it’s disgusting. I can’t imagine what the parents are going through. I can’t imagine how the surviving children feel after losing their friends at such a young age. I wish these crazy people didn’t feel they had to hurt innocent people ruin places that are supposed to be safe. I those families directly affected y this can find some comfort.

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