A Tribute

I sit here wondering what feelings are running through me right now.

At first I thought there was nothing– I am unaffected.

Life goes on.

But then I realize what it meant.

The end.

It was the end.

For her, life does not go on.

It now feels heavy, my thoughts now clouded, I reach out to her, but there is nothing.

But there is.

The cupcake, the hand shake, the hi’s, the goodbyes.

Who knew that you had meant it?


R.I.P Diane. You will always be a part of everyone who knew you, and may your memory live on.

You were gone too soon, and I regret not having known you better. Perhaps it was the circumstances, maybe we just didn’t meet at the right time. But hey, another time, another place? R.I.P (x) (x)


3 thoughts on “A Tribute

    • kalyrical says:

      I didn’t know her SUPER well, but I knew her. I mean we were in the same year, and my circle of friends used to be hers. But yeah, I thought it was tragic, but I didn’t think I would have been as sad as I was. It turns out my emotions didn’t know where to go. It’s so sad thinking that she’s the same age as us, and in the blink of an eye, she’s gone.

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