A new year, a new term…hopefully no oncoming apocalypse?

So, as my second term in University begins, I guess this will be one of my last blog posts for a while! I remember last term when I desperately wanted to blog, but could not find time. I now understand I will probably have to sacrifice some things while concentrating on my studies. Those of you who knew me know what I was going through and it was effort enough to get to school without bursting into tears… great prospects for term 2.

Anyway, the new year has come and gone and I have made some resolutions. Hopefully I will keep them. Despite the possibility of that being low, it is still nice to have something to aim for! So here they are:

1) Take up reading again
Last term, another thing I sacrificed was reading. I love reading–always have, always will. I want to fit reading back into my life. Not forcefully of course, but I want myself to not feel so guilty when I sacrifice some time towards reading. Time will tell if I actually find it possible to find time for it though! Still have not lived through my timetable, so I do not know how hectic this school term will get!

2) Stop cussing like a sailor
Okay, I do not swear that much, but I can do better. I always hate it when I hear people talking and it seems like swear words has become a part of their everyday vocabulary. Is there really no other words you can find to describe whatever you are talking about?? So since it pisses me off so much, I think I should tone down my swearing as well. Maybe just noticing when I cuss will suffice for this resolution because I feel like I do not do it that often. 🙂

3) New Experiences
I usually am very skeptical when it comes to trying new things. I want myself to give things a chance before I say no. I know this is a vague resolution so I will have to work on how I will keep this in check!

4) Healthy Shiatzu
Link to what I mean when I say Shiatzu (please refer to no. 2) Haha! It is just that some of my friends asked me what that even means…
Anyway, I want to be a bit more healthy. But then again, this is probably one of my resolutions every year and look where it has gotten me… I just came back from all-you-can-eat at Fish on Rice. Followed by a not-very-healthy dose of frozen yogurt with loads of toppings.

One of my proudest achievements this winter vacation has been watching a lot of new movies. And by new movies, I mean movies that I have never watched before because they were all made before I was born. Watching them has been fascinating and I found it amazing what directors and producers managed to create with the limited technology and materials they had! Of course, my favourite film out of all the ones I watched had to be Star Wars. I also watched all the Indiana Jones movies. Okay, fine I watched a bunch of Harrison Ford movies okay? Yeah. But I am glad my obsession has lead me to discover so much more! This is like discovering and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s all over again! Except I actually had time to find and watch more movies instead of just marvelling at one.
The more old movies I watched, the more I honestly feel like I was born in the wrong time. Of course, I should count my lucky stars as I live in a generation that did/does not have to worry about wars…well in a country that did not have to anyway. And there is also all this wonderful technology around me. But when I get absorbed in the movies, it all just blurs and makes me wish I can go back. I will not lie, I really do not have a huge appreciation for our modern entertainment…but do not get me wrong, there’s still plenty of talent. Just that it feels like talent back then was more raw and original? Yeah, something like that.You know there’s something going on in society when books like this exist
Anyway, it has been an enlightening break and I hope everyone is off to a great start this year! I really hope I can squeeze in blogging because I really do love it! But for now, I guess it is good-bye! Wish me luck on my new term!


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