Tis the season: Part 3 (No! It’s ending! 3 things I’ll miss…)

What I’ll miss most:

1) The all day Christmas radio station

I have been getting really sick of the regular songs I hear on the radio that are popular these days…so the Christmas radio station was a refreshing change! Plus, you just feel festive and happy listening to chiming bells and upbeat Christmas jingles! I definitely will be missing that.

2) Decorations everywhere

The streets I walk will once again be reverted back to plain trees without beautiful, multicoloured lights. The malls will take down their decorations of colourful garlands and baubles, as well as that huge Christmas tree every mall has. ='(

Random hanging Christmas decoration at Metrotown

3) having something to look forward to

I think Christmas is the next best thing after waiting for my birthday. Especially for presents! It is not so much as what is in the presents, but the act of opening them! That is why I usually wrap my sister’s gifts separately instead of stuffing them in one box and then wrapping the one box! She and I share the same view on opening presents.

On the other hand…did boxing day shopping today. That is definitely something I look forward to after Christmas, but it is in no way comparable to Christmas itself. But still, better than nothing! Totally wiped from walking so much and visiting so many packed and really warm stores!



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