Vancouver Jazz Festival- Stressing out about course registration…

Hey all!

Yesterday, I was with William and Josh at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival downtown! We got there as an act finished and so we walked around the park, chatting. Well, it was mostly me talking I guess. =P Thanks for listening guys!

We sat down as Gypsophilia started their performance. It was nice and interesting! They introduced one of their songs as a blend between “Jamican music with some Jewish music”.Very interesting. That grabbed my attention and overall, I enjoyed their performance! Their main speaker was Ross Burns (I think?) and he was charismatic and that of course, captured the crowd.I loved watching people just getting up and swaying or dancing to the music. Wish I had the guts to be one of them! At one point, a guy with a parrot stood next to us. Seriously, a real live parrot with beautiful blue and yellow feathers!

However, I must say, I would have enjoyed the Jazz festival a lot more if I was not stressing out about course registration. I was constantly checking up on my worklists that I have made ready to register for courses at UBC and realized spots were running out! I was panicking at many random times that day over course registration!

Oh! And we went to Lucy’s at night for food. (Yeah, real smooth way for me to include that little event in here, I know) I have not been there as many times as I would have like but both times, I must say, they had great food! I had the pulled pork sandwich…delicious! Who does not want pulled pork sandwich at 10pm? =D That plus the fact that they are opened all the time, so perfect for our hangouts!

Pulled pork sandwich =)

Diner, drive- ins and dives! That's all I could think about while there!

I was up today at 7a.m…which is probably not going to help me today. I was so nervous I could not fall back asleep! So I guess I will be running on 4 hours of sleep for my first day of calculus 12 summer school as well as my friend Edna’s party.Oh and that also explains why I am blogging at 8:30…but it helps relax me. At least better than talking to other frantic undergrads on Facebook!

For future reference and as a tip to other soon-to-be undergrads out there:
-make more than one worklist
-make sure you understand the restrictions that come with the courses you take (if you are allowed to take them, whether they are reserved for certain faculties or timetables, etc.)
-if you do not understand something, ASK!
-plan your worklists ahead! DO NOT WAIT TILL YOUR DAY OF REGISTRATION!

Believe me, I was up until 3 last night trying to make new worklists. Sadly, my electives do not really fit with any other standard timetables, which I am required to take. =(

Wish me luck, and of course, I wish everyone else registering for courses the best of luck!




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