First blog post from Asia!

Hey everyone!

This is my first blog post from Asia! I mean, I used to live there and all, but I didn’t blog back then, so this is exciting!

I’m back in Hong Kong, and the heat is killing me. It’s already better in terms of humidity and heat due to the typhoon that’s passing by here, but believe me, in terms of Vancouver weather, it’s actually like roasting in hell.

I will be heading off to Japan next week for 5 days, before coming back to Hong Kong for my internship. My summer job will require me to travel between Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China, which should be interesting! Hopefully, I’ll have time to blog about all of this! I find that blogging really helps me to retain my experiences and memories, so if I’m not lazy and can get good wifi, I shall blog away!

In the meantime, have a picture of me eating noodles in a bag in Hong Kong. I won’t bore you with my 60000 other food pictures– at least not in this blog post!

Noodles in a bag is a thing over here.

Noodles in a bag is actually a thing here.

– Karen