Don’t Starve Together – Perfect example of early access

Hello everyone,

The gaming community is constantly torn about early access, with more people complaining on forums and hubs rather than not. I suspect the population that doesn’t complain finds the system fine, and is willing to put up with paying for early access or understand the issues they would most likely run into. I am in between both, having games where I find early access unacceptable (*cough* Day-Z, the Stomping Land), and some that actually work well and I’m glad I’m in their early access program (7 Days to Die).


Recently, my boyfriend got us Don’t Starve Together. Why am I saying this is a perfect example of early access? For those who have their original game Don’t Starve, the frontier (early access) pack was $5 for two copies of the game. That’s $2.50 each for the two of us! Plus, they’re sure that they’re selling to their fans since you have to had own the game to get it for this price. Gamers are more likely to be understanding of issues in gameplay during early access. The promo is now up, but was a great way to build up a community of early accessers. If you wanted Don’t Starve Together (Early Access), but don’t have the original game, it costs around $20 now on Steam.

We’ve logged about 30 hours together on the game within 2 weeks. If you’ve played Don’t Starve, it’s basically the same game with less features to make it work for multiplayer. You now work together to brave the environments of this dark and dreary world, making sure you have enough food and resources to keep your sanity, health and hunger bars up. There’s also an option to revive your friend with Telltale Hearts (you sacrifice a little bit of your health to bring your friend back to life), but you suffer permanent damage to your health. Each revive gives you less and less max health, making it easier to die.

Us in Don't Starve!

Us in Don’t Starve!

I’ve never played Don’t Starve, so when I first opened up the game I instantly fell in love with the art (it’s Tim Burton-esque). Although it is a survival game, it’s quite different from most of the other ones I’ve played. It’s slightly easier to obtain materials and stay alive at the beginning, but as your day count goes up, you are faced with more challenges. This makes it a lot better than the other permadeath games in that you actually get to play before something murders you on day 1 or something.

I was not used to the idea of not having a secure structure as a base. My boyfriend would instruct me to build a base near a herd of Beefalos (buffalo-like creatures) and by building a base, he meant making a fire pit. Soon, our “base” contained crock pots for cooking better recipes, a science machine (to discover more recipes), a bird cage, and farms. But there were no walls surrounding us and I always felt vulnerable. Nonetheless, we defended ourselves well and now that we’re on our 80th day or so, we can build walls if we choose to. But honestly, I’ve gotten used to the idea that we’ll be able to defend ourselves without them.

Don’t Starve Together will be free-to-play to all who has Don’t Starve next year (well, there was a cut off date)! At its current state, it’s more than playable! I’m excited to see what will be added in the future 🙂

– Karen

Play all the games!

Hello y’all,

I built my own PC! It took about a year of planning and gathering parts, but it’s finally done!

A lot of the rush came from looking around for deals on the parts that I wanted. I would first compare parts and then when I decided on something, I’d be on the lookout for when it goes for cheap (or just cheaper is fine). The process took quite a while. I bought my SSD almost half a year ago and it was the first piece of my new PC that I got. Then came my CPU about 2-3 months later. As you could see, I was in no rush….

That was until last week when I went to pick up my RAM from NCIX(8GB for $58!!). I was only missing my motherboard, power supply, and case at this point and my boyfriend convinced me on a power supply, and we ran to get the case I had wanted at Lansdowne Mall (they had 1 left). On the 10th of January, I finished buying my parts and started building the PC.


Luckily, my boyfriend built his own computer so he gave me plenty of pointers. Mainly, it was a lot of watching this video and following along:

All the steps are broken down, and of course, just skip the steps that don’t apply to you. I’m not going to lie and say I loved the process, and there were quite a few times when I had to undo all the hard work I had just done leading to much frustration (I think I said “Kill me” at least ten times during the process). I was also sure that a part would not work and I would have to send it in for repairs. But miraculously, we finished building it that night. At around 1AM, I finished downloading League of Legends and I played my first game on my PC! The whole process took around four hours? That included installing the OS and such.


Wish it would assemble itself

The whole thing felt very rewarding, and it feels nice knowing I paid for the whole thing. Makes my summer job seem less of a chore when I see the rewards!

My parts list below.
Solid State Drive: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB
Central Processing Unit: Intel Core i5-4690K
Hard Disk Drive: Western Digital Green SATA3 2TB
Video Card: ASUS Geforce GTX 770 1110MHZ 2GB
RAM: G.Skill Ripjawsx 1x8GB DDR3
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97X-SLI ATX LGA1150 DDR3 Xfire/SLI USB3 HDMI
Power Supply Unit: Corsair CX Series CX750 750W ATX 12V 80 Plus Bronze
Case: NZXT H440 Blue/Black (I will add blue LED light strips to this at some point to give it an underglow. Need to install them but I didn’t want to open up my case again T.T)

And I bought two LED monitors so now I have a dual screen setup!


A cellphone pic of my setup, thus the quality

If you’re looking for parts, I’d suggest giving it time so you don’t overpay. Look out for deals. Everything goes on sale at one point or another. The only thing I bought full price on my list was my case because I wouldn’t settle for anything else and it was a limited edition case sold at one place. They probably won’t be putting it on sale in the near future. Also, if you find a cheap Canadian retailer price, just go to Memoryexpress or NCIX to price match! That’s what I did for quite a few of these parts!

Funny how I told myself I’d cut down on gaming in 2015.

– Karen

Black Desert character customization

Hey guys,

I recently heard about Black Desert. My mind is blown. The character customization in that game is crazy. I remember several weeks ago when I thought ESO had great customization options… this really is sometime else. You want a tattoo on a specific spot on your character’s left thigh? You got it. You want your hair to sway slightly to the right? Sure. You want that glint in your eye to suggest that light is coming from above? Okay.

Give it a watch. It usually takes me a good while before I am ready for my character to exist in its virtual reality. I mean, think about it this way: for the next 50 hours, this is what my character is going to look like while I play. I have a friend who told me he spends at least three hours customizing his characters. Gosh knows how long it would take him in Black Desert. I am also pretty sure there will be people who just buys the game for its character customization screen. Avid machinima makers are probably drooling as we speak.

Black Desert‘s site is currently down because they are catching on fire with the world wide web. However, snooping around their Facebook page revealed that they are a Korean game. They have not yet selected an English client publisher, although a client is in development.

So I’m sure everyone’s question is: How slow will the game move since every. single. person’s. character is so uniquely different? It is basically like living in the real world where every face is different from one another! The developer Pearl Abyss has stated that they will be using their own “Black Desert” engine that is made for handling the fast rendering required for the game. The game will be free to play and is still currently in Beta. And since you and I are most likely reading this off a computer, the game will be released on Microsoft Windows.

It’s almost scary how much control you have over your own character.



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