Fan Expo Vancouver 2016!

I’m so glad that Fan Expo is now in November rather than April-ish. I always go to Emerald City during that time and I either have to skip Fan Expo Vancouver entirely or choose to go for only one day. And even if I do go, I never have time for original cosplays and end up re-using an old one.

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Haven and Hearth: Complex and grindy, yet addictive

haven and hearth

How many hours have I spent playing this game? I made two accounts. One has 34.5, the other has logged 33 hours. At some points, I was logged in to both account at the same time. Though I mostly was on them separately. Mainly because this game give you 48 hours of initial game time and you have to pay extra if you go beyond that, so you can see why I wouldn’t want to be on both at the same time.

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