Shang Chi seen by an Asian American

Last Thursday, I caught an early screening of Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. I’m so happy that this film exists. I’m excited for many around the world to learn about Chinese culture in an entertaining yet authentic way. Slight spoilers ahead.

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ECCC – Third time’s the charm!

Hello all,

This post is about a month late, but I went to Emerald City Comic Con 2015! This was my third year, but it was no less exciting. It was the first year where my cosplays required props. I can’t say I enjoyed the experience of lugging around a me-sized bow around the convention floor, but it did add that much more to my cosplay, so maybe it was worth it.

Although we had a 3-day pass, we missed Friday because a few of us had classes and could not get out of school in time to make it to Seattle before 7PM. However, Saturday and Sunday were hectic days of us running from panel, to photo ops, to trying to purchase all the things on our list at the artist alleys and exhibition floor.

I cosplayed Ashe from League of Legends, and my boyfriend did Malzahar! Here’s a random group shot we did with several other League cosplayers (and a random Cloud). It’s always so much fun running into people in the same fandom!

league group cosplayMy second cosplay was from the adult cartoon Archer. I was Dr. Krieger’s Virtual Girlfriend, and of course, my boyfriend was Krieger.

Kriger cosplay

The best part of the cons are usually what I physically take away with me in terms of merchandise. Vancouver sucks at selling geeky, fandom-related mercy, so I have to go on a spree every time conventions come around.

stuff we bought

I also got several of my comics/graphic novels signed! JoĂ«lle Jones was there to do signings at Darkhorse for Lady Killer, and Bill Willingham signed my Fables stuff! He also recognized our cosplay from Archer, and told us how he met the main character’s voice actor not too long ago. Kelly Sue Deconnick was super nice, and always had a line up. I managed to snap a photo with her!

kelly sue

I guess one of the biggest things for me this year was taking a picture with the legend himself: Stan Lee!

stan lee

I really wish I took the picture with my normal hair, but my cosplay for the day would not have worked. In the end, I decided to just go with the pink wig, which looks out of place. BUT oh well, Stan Lee!!

Next year, ECCC is going to be a 4-day con! I really hope my schedule works out so that I can go again 🙂

– Karen

“Guardians of the Galaxy”: A Movie Review

Hello all,


Went to an advanced screening of Guardians of the Galaxy yesterday! Everyone was really excited, and I was told it was one of the most sought after movie screenings of the year! Luckily, my friends and I still managed to snag great seats!

Guardians revolves around a kid called Peter Quill, who had been separated from his family on Earth when he was young. He got abducted to another planet. He becomes a ravager (think space pirate), but amongst one of his missions to steal a mysterious metal sphere, he decides to sell it off to make a profit instead. Turns out there’s a lot more to the sphere than we all though. In order to save the universe from destruction, a group of unlikely heroes work together and form the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I had hopes for not crying in this film. Judging from the trailer and what I’ve heard about it, I expected it to be all laughs, but there were quite a few moments where it was (very) touching. In regards to this movie as opposed to the other recent ones set in the Marvel universe, be prepared to not have our own planet earth to ground yourself to the story. Very little of this movie happens on Terra, but instead we get introduced to different planets and zoom around space for a good part of it.

I thought this movie was quite good– looked really expensive to make! (Just googled out of curiosity. The budget was $170M.) Currently it has a 91% on Rottentomatoes and a 9/10 on IMDB. It opens tomorrow! A kid friendly movie, but also enjoyable for older audiences too 🙂

– Karen

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D”: A Review


Hey everyone!

Literally just finished watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I was super excited about this because I’ve always been in love with the Marvel movies and several of their comic series. When I found out that Joss Whedon was writing this, I was pretty happy because he did The Avengers really well– but remembered that Firefly got cancelled in its first season thought it was pretty great. Stan Lee was also listed as one of the executive producers, so that got a squeal from me.

The pilot’s story itself is okay. Not the most exciting in terms of plot, but it does the trick. We pick up where The Avengers left off, and the world now knows that heroes exist. S.H.I.E.L.D realizes that they might have found another one of these heroes, and must get to him before he gets manipulated or killed by opposing forces. There are a lot of tie ins to other Marvel works, and that was brilliant.

Enough about the plot. You can easily just read that up on IMDB. What stood out to me was how many jokes they tried to write  into the show. I laughed, but it got a bit distracting after a while. (“I’ll show you my thing. No, I mean my equipment. I’ll just hang up.”–> will need to figure out what was the actual quote. This was just along the lines of what I remembered)

It was wonderful seeing Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders– Woo hoo! A little Vancouverite love in the house!) again. It actually brought back so many good memories of the previous Marvel films. What else I noticed is that they’re really trying to squeeze in diversity. We got Ming-Na Wen (Chinese) , Elizabeth Henstridge (British), and Iain de Caestecker (Scottish) in the S.H.I.E.L.D team that the story will revolve around. I thought it was really obvious, but well, if this is how we’ll start getting a change from the traditional all American/white cast, I’m up for it. Maybe one day, it won’t feel forced anymore. 

There’s a lot of hints that they drop throughout the pilot for future episodes to reveal. Who is Skye? Where’s Tahiti (though I have a guess that it might simply be the afterlife? Hey, it’s not a spoiler. It’s a guess.)? What are they keeping from Coulson? (Maria mysterious says to one of the doctors that he must never find out about Tahiti…)

Anyway, I’ll continue to watch it. I need to know the answers! It wasn’t the best pilot, but it wasn’t horrible. Oh! And another interesting note that was actually quite smart on their part. They showed Thor: The Dark World‘s trailer during the ad break for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D! Really missed Tom Hiddleston as Loki, so super excited about that!

I’ve never reviewed a TV show before so this was kind of fun! So if you’re up for it, it shows on ABC/CTV at 8:00PM on Tuesdays for us west-coasters– then you’ll get decide whether it’s good or not!

– Karen

“Iron Man 3”: A Movie Review


My friend and I managed to get tickets to watch Iron Man 3 one day before it is supposed to come out, so here is my review (spoilers free of course).

The movie takes us back into Tony Stark’s past– back to 1999 to be exact. We once again see Tony in his partying days, where he basically pisses off everyone he meets by being an arrogant, stuck up billionaire. Here, we meet Aldrich Killian, who tries to get Stark’s attention as he has an idea he wants Stark to help fund. Of course, Stark brushes him off, and in anger, he decides to seek revenge, working with a mysterious character who calls himself The Mandarin. I must say, I love Pepper more than ever in this film.

That was an overly simplified version of the movie, but I will say that it was very funny. There were lots of laughs throughout the film and I enjoyed it. One thing I really liked was how they humanized Tony Stark. Sure, he is Iron Man, but following his encounters with aliens back in the Avengers, and the knowledge that there was so much more out there, we now see Tony getting panic attacks because of his experiences. Really, this is to be expected for anyone who has to go through such a stressful experience, but we usually forget that superheroes can be affected by stuff like this. It really helps us relate, even if just a little, to these big guys. So huge props to whoever made that part of the story.

I wonder what will happen with Robert Downey Jr’s contract, as it expires after this movie, but I am sure they will work something out with him for the Avengers 2. This movie also leaves a little to be questioned… and I will leave it at that since I do not want to spoil anything.

Iron Man 3 comes out tomorrow, and I would recommend seeing it for some light superhero action, coupled with some great laughs! Plus, Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow are beautiful people. Stan Lee’s cameo was funny as well!

And yes, stay after the credits for a little Science Bros action (Tumblr reference, sorry!).