Farmers Market in Vancouver: local and fresh!

Hey guys,


On sunday morning we went to the Farmers Market near Nat Bailey Stadium!

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a Vancouver Farmers Market. It used to be so easy since I worked in Yaletown, and every Thursday meant I’d get to browse local goodies! Luckily (for us anyway), the Kitsilano Farmers Market is temporarily moved to Nat Bailey and it’s a lot closer for us.

We had our lunch there, getting to choose from one of the food trucks (there were about five surrounding the entrance to the market). Schnitzel! They were out of pork, so we got the chicken one instead.

IMG_0907There were lots of great booths selling fresh, organic, local produce! Lots of samples (cheese, veggies, even weiners!) too!


Then there were some more unique shops selling…magic spells? Very interesting, and their potions smelled lovely.


We had brought my boyfriend’s dog along, so there was a lot of stopping and sniffing going on. But our doggie only likes humans for the most part… other dogs are kinda meh to him.

It wasn’t a particularly sunny day, cloudy actually, but it was so warm that I actually wanted to sweat if not under shade. You know? That muggy kind of heat?

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 7.20.53 PM

We had a nice pop! It was my first one, but it was very authentic in ingredients! We got raspberry rhubarb. And perfect to cool us down.

I’m glad there’s so many farmers markets around Vancouver. They also have different dates so that if you have work, you can choose to go to a weekend one instead! Eat local, eat fresh 🙂

– Karen

Working away… and it’s actually not bad!

Hey guys,

So summer has started for everyone and that means I’ve started my co-op position. And you know what? Working ain’t half bad! Well mainly because I had set myself up for the worse and then realized it’s actually a really cool place to work. I’m currently working as an assistant coordinator for consumer engagement at TrojanOne— and before you ask because everyone else does, no, it’s not the condom company. It’s a marketing agency that focuses on brand activation in unique ways.


Several reasons why I really like about my job/company:

1) They let me write a blog post on the Oculus Rift, gaming, and Game of Thrones 

2) You want a coffee break? You got a coffee break.

3) Random outings to the nearby Farmer’s Market!

4) Working in Yaletown ❤

5) Potluck Fridays!

6) Also boozy Fridays.

In which drinking on the job is actually okay :')

In which drinking on the job is actually okay :’)

7) Our CEO Mark Harrison’s blog (one of the main reasons why I applied to the company in the first place. I found his blog so funny and real.)

All that being said, TrojanOne is honestly a great place for me to officially start off in the world of marketing. Although our Vancouver office is nestled in Yaletown among lots of start-up companies (and eateries), TrojanOne is not a start up. In fact, this year it’s our 20th anniversary! The company started off doing marketing for sports related initiatives but have since branched off. Under my managers, I’m currently working on projects for BMO and ParticipACTION! Of course, the head office is in Toronto and that is where the bulk of the employees are. It has been quite an experience getting training though conference calls and Skype and I could not help but realize that I finally understand what this video is all about:


Anyway, sure of course I miss having summers to do nothing. But really, this ain’t half bad 🙂

– Karen