Contingent Contemplation: Extinction of My Childhood

Mother nature’s really taking a beating these days. I mean, depending on who you’re talking to, they may say everything is fine. But it certainly doesn’t seem that way.

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Dav Pilkey Book Signing: Revisiting My Childhood

Hey again!

My friend and I were at Chapters one time, and we saw a poster that advertised a book signing. Dav Pilkey was coming to Metrotown for a book signing!

We both decided that we would have to go because Captain Underpants was such a big part of our childhood. I remember sitting at my friends house after school and all we would do is read all his Captain Underpants books. Back then, everything was so carefree and the world seemed so much easier. And the underwear wearing captain really was a hero to us. Plus, toilet and school humour was always well appreciated.

Anyone remember the Flip-o-Ramas!? Every book should have a Flip-o-Rama. Man, those things were like magic.

At Chapters, the line up was not too bad, but there was a decent line. The Chapters staff served us salted caramel and cookies, making the line up more fun!

Giant inflated Captain Underpants in the store

Giant inflated Captain Underpants in the store


From left to right: Dav, my friend’s sister, my friend, and me

My friend and I were giggling so much before we went to the little platform thing because we were getting nervous. We thanked him profusely, and what was amazing about his signing was that he did not just sign his name– he also drew you a picture too. He drew Captain Underpants for my friend David’s book (he could not make it, so he told me to get him one), and for mine, I requested Super Diaper Baby for mine because he was so cute and I have always loved him!

Our signed books :)

Our signed books 🙂

So thanks again Dav for making our childhood what it was!


This Came Across My Attention…

And I usually do not get too huffy over stuff like this, because society is changing, albeit slowly. I cannot possibly comment on everything that seems sexist on the internet.

But because the Avengers is something I am really into and love…

Here’s some T-shirts that can be found in the Disney Store online

For boys

For boys

For girls

For girls

Another one for girls

Another one for girls


I went on the site myself to see if people were being selective in what they chose to display to other people– just to get them riled up. Turns out they were not. I went through all the Avengers merchandise selection and saw that this was truly the only tees for women there.

So while little boys get to be heroes, little girls are told that they need a hero. I think we need a little bit of Black Widow spicing things up in here. Excuse me while I go find a hero to kiss because I cannot possibly do any ass kicking on my own.


*Edit: This is the petition that came with the post I read

Contingent Contemplation: Harry Potter- End of my childhood

It all ends here...=(

So a day ago, I watched the last Harry Potter movie– Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. It was amazing. I re-watched Part 1 the day before and I was pleased to find that the two movies connected seamlessly! I was prepared for a sobfest at the cinemas so I was armed with 2 packs of tissue!

Waiting in line was not as long and tedious as I thought it would be! My friend Edna lined up for the whole day! Well…from 11:50am til the midnight premiere! And I got in line at around 3:20ish in the afternoon, prepared to be super bored while waiting– or at least super cold! But time flew by! We started off with some board games, namely Taboo and then moving it on outside with Cranium as we were sure to get loud and rowdy while playing! We took trips to the food court, Safeway and basically walked around Oakridge Mall several times. Later on at night, we started a game of Wizard Ninja, with more and more random strangers joining in! Super fun! We took pictures with some of the fans who dressed up as characters from the movie, watched people freestyle rapping and invented new spells! =)

Josh and I trying to reenact the part where Harry and Ron goes for the Gryffindor sword

Cranium to pass the time =)


When it was finally time to enter the theater, everyone was super excited! We all sat down waiting for the movie to start, and of course, everyone applauded when it finally came on!

It occurred to me the night before the midnight screening that my childhood was coming to an end. I am now seventeen and when you’re seventeen, you feel like you have grown up and left your childish ways behind. I like to think that way anyway. Harry Potter was a connection to my childhood. It seemed like only yesterday when I read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (yes, I read the 3rd book first. I don’t know why, but I was like 9-10 back then so don’t judge). I remember pre-ordering the last book back in Hong Kong and then reading it in Thailand after picking it up and then realizing I had to leave for my family vacation the next day. I also remember thinking “At least there is still the movie! Harry Potter does NOT end yet!”. But now, what else is there to look forward to? I will always remember the magical adventures that was Harry Potter…but that is not the point! I do not want it to end! Its end seem to symbolized an end to a period of time in my life where I was happier, more innocent and more carefree. A time when I actually checked my mail for my Hogwarts acceptance letter when I was 11! (I never did get one when I was 11…obviously. But at that time, I did not give up hope! I remember rationalizing to myself I would get it next year because my birthday was late and Hogwarts started before I turned 11.)

Anyway, I do have a bit of hope left for Harry Potter as my friend Josh introduced me to Pottermore. It was created by J.K Rowling so that the story never ends! I seriously NEED something like that in my life! I am super excited to see what will be in store!

Oh and before I forget, here’s a excerpt of a dialogue from the FAKE HARRY POTTER fans ahead of us in line that day. (We were second in line, so despite being fake fans, they were there first. Which pisses you off more.)

Fake fan #1: Hey, which house is Cedric Diggory in?   (Me: *Facepalm*)
Her friend: Either in Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, I think?
Another friend: Yeah, in Gryffindor I’m pretty sure.
*All murmurs in agreement with an “OH YEAH!” from Fake Fan #1*

I wanted to kill myself.

Credits to Josh for Photos, thank-you William for helping me get the tickets! TY ADRIAN FOR GETTING ME A PAIR OF THE 3D GLASSES!! EKK! Thanks to everyone else who helped make the time fly by!

Just had to include this! Stolen off Tiffany, but I'm sure she stole it off somewhere too =P JKS THX!!! XD