Dav Pilkey Book Signing: Revisiting My Childhood

Hey again!

My friend and I were at Chapters one time, and we saw a poster that advertised a book signing. Dav Pilkey was coming to Metrotown for a book signing!

We both decided that we would have to go because Captain Underpants was such a big part of our childhood. I remember sitting at my friends house after school and all we would do is read all his Captain Underpants books. Back then, everything was so carefree and the world seemed so much easier. And the underwear wearing captain really was a hero to us. Plus, toilet and school humour was always well appreciated.

Anyone remember the Flip-o-Ramas!? Every book should have a Flip-o-Rama. Man, those things were like magic.

At Chapters, the line up was not too bad, but there was a decent line. The Chapters staff served us salted caramel and cookies, making the line up more fun!

Giant inflated Captain Underpants in the store

Giant inflated Captain Underpants in the store


From left to right: Dav, my friend’s sister, my friend, and me

My friend and I were giggling so much before we went to the little platform thing because we were getting nervous. We thanked him profusely, and what was amazing about his signing was that he did not just sign his name– he also drew you a picture too. He drew Captain Underpants for my friend David’s book (he could not make it, so he told me to get him one), and for mine, I requested Super Diaper Baby for mine because he was so cute and I have always loved him!

Our signed books :)

Our signed books 🙂

So thanks again Dav for making our childhood what it was!


Downtown Vancouver Chapters Board Games Night!

Hey everyone!

So if you live in Vancouver, you may want to check this out! My friend and I stumbled onto this while we were walking around downtown waiting for our friend’s birthday party to begin.

Did you know that Chapters (the one near Howe street in downtown Vancouver) has board games night! It happens on the last Thursday of every month (according to the poster, up to July anyway), and it is free! They had two tables and board games scattered around for you to play with. What is even better? They serve popcorn and juice!

Photo 2013-04-25 7 36 42 PM

Free refreshments? Yes please!

Free refreshments? Yes please!

It starts at 7PM, and our friend’s birthday party did not begin until 7:30, so we decided to sit down and join a game of Taboo! They also had Jenga, Apples to Apples, and the other table was playing some sort of complicated card game. We met a nice group of people, and our table eventually started to grow. The staff kept offering popcorn and drinks to everyone, and it was definitely fun! Shame we could not stay longer!

So if you are downtown on a Thursday night, and it happens to be the last one that month, you may want to drop by Chapters and play a game or two with strangers! It goes on from 7:00PM- closing (which is around 10PM I believe)!

Our Taboo table! :D

Our Taboo table! 😀

Hope you guys are enjoying the sun!