Burlington Bound!

During the Easter long weekend, the boyfriend and I headed down to Burlington, Vermont!

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is such a rush!

I haven’t seen many cowboy flicks in my life, but in more recent times, I have thoroughly enjoyed Westworld. The appeal of being a dirty outlaw constantly hiding from the government just wasn’t quite up my alley. But what if you could make the journey your own? That’s what really made me like Westworld. And also Red Dead.

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Lost in Paris

One thing that constantly confused me in Paris were all the signs. They have a billion signs all pointing to the same place, but suddenly, your end destination disappears. This happened to me on the streets, in the metro stations, and constantly at the Louvre.

Otherwise, Paris is a beautiful city. I was lucky to be sent to Paris for a business trip earlier in April for an eSports event we were hosting. But obviously, it being a business trip meant that there was limited free time. So really, my coworker and I did everything we could in Paris over one Sunday.

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