Las Vegas 2022 Day 1 and 2

Early June 2022, the fiancé and I took our first proper vacation since the pandemic! We wanted to go somewhere in the same time zone since with all the covid testing still in place for Canada/US flights, we wanted to simplify our covid testing process and not have to account for time zone differences. So we chose Las Vegas!

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Fostering Lil Loki

My boyfriend and I signed up to help foster (with a chance to adopt) doggos about 2 months back. It’s with a local rescue society in Surrey and initially our application got rejected. We live in a condo and it’s not ideal for pets. I guess I do see why certain rescue societies are picky if you don’t live in a detached house or a townhouse with a yard. If your dog really had to go potty, imagine waiting for the elevator every time!

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To My Aunt Eva

The below is something I wrote for my Intermediate Writing of Creative Nonfiction class back in university. Made minor edits since all I could retrieve was a first draft of this piece prior to the various workshopping my class and I did on it. But wanted to have it somewhere properly documented!

It’s the strangest coincidence, but today is also Eva’s birthday. Of all days to get a random lightbulb moment for me to check my old school emails for this draft…wacky.

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