Backbone: Exploring a Dystopian Vancouver as a Raccoon

I recently finished an indie game called Backbone. I was attracted to it because it is set in my home city of Vancouver, and its post-noir aesthetics was alluring. I also am a sucker for good pixel art, which Backbone had plenty of. Shoutout to one of my friends N who posted about the game on his Twitter a while back!

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Dining in the Dark at Fable Diner + Bar

A few weeks ago, my friend told me about a Dining in the Dark experience at Fable Diner + Bar. I’ve always been intrigued by these and I remembered when one Valentine’s Day, the (then) boyfriend and I tried making a reservation at Dark Table two weeks in advanced. I think they laughed at us — and rightfully so. We were cutting it pretty close for one of the most popular day of the year for dinner reservations.

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