Haidilao is an experience.

Finally went to Haidilao after only ever having bought their hot pot soup bases to have at home. We were a little hesitant as it’s Covid times, but reading the reviews, a lot of people spoke favourably of the protocols there.

To be frank though I don’t even want to talk about my experience. I want to talk about what Haidilao stands for in China.

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The Gaming Industry As A Female

Some of the intricate webs holding together the secrets and dangers of the gaming industry were unraveled the weekend of June 20th. Brave women took to Twitter to share their stories of how they faced grooming, rape, and various other forms of abuse in the gaming industry.

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Cook It Montreal Meal Kits

The world of meal kits have always intrigued me. I liked the idea of not having to think of what to cook daily, and also having pre-measured ingredients to work with. I’ve often had to buy a whole head of cabbage while only really needing a tiny portion (I like making Hong Kong style borscht!). But given the price of meal delivery kits, I’ve always been hesitant.

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