Halloween 2022 (㇏(•̀ᵥᵥ•́)ノ)

Can’t believe another year of Halloween has gone by! We tried to make the most of it and here are all the things we did throughout the month.

Dog trick or treat

We took Onyx to a neighborhood trick or treat crawl — for dogs!

Organized by the Dog Library, 14 houses around the Hastings neighborhood volunteered to give out dog treats to doggie trick or treaters on October 22nd. The Dog Library does such wholesome stuff. And I was so touched that so many houses volunteered to do this for our fur friends!

The houses were a tad spaced out, and Onyx only managed to do about half the houses until he got grumpy so we had to go home. But it was a special experience nonetheless and I loved seeing all the other doggos in costumes. Our boy wore a Halloween pyjama onesie because it was the only thing he’d let us put on him for a walk that morning.

October babies family lunch

My fiancé’s family hosted a family lunch for all the October babies in the family. Onyx’s government papers for immigration stated his birthday is in October — so we celebrated that as well! He’s a rescued street dog, so we’re never really going to know when he was born or how old he truly is. But I’ll take any reason to celebrate.

Look at this cute cupcake my fiancé’s sister made for Onyx (and the other birthday boys)!!!

We all dressed up for Halloween too and it was amazing seeing everyone’s costumes! The fiancé and I were Timmy Turner and Trixie Tang, and Onyx was a lone Cosmo looking for his Wanda :’ )

We also made a bunch of treat bags for everyone in the spirit of Halloween!

Halloween potluck

The fiancé and I hosted a dinner potluck with our friends! Everyone had to bring spooky themed foods and also dress up.

The charcuterie board we made was so gross I didn’t really want to eat it. We also made little Oreo truffle bites that tasted like Oreo cheesecake balls and blood bags filled with Cranberry cocktail.

Here was the spread of food at night:

Everyone left with treat bags of course!

After dinner, we spent like 3 hours playing Dead of Winter, only to lose in the end. I hope we get to retry it and actually win as a group!

Human Trick or Treating with my nieces!

The Saturday before Halloween, the East Village BIA hosted a trick or treat on Hastings street! We had 2 little nieces who invited us to join them on their route. They were sooooooo cute! And Onyx got a nice walk out of it.

We then returned home for an afternoon tea of Beta 5 cream puffs, and then later had hot pot with the rest of the family.

My cousin’s wife actually just gave birth about 2 weeks prior so this was the first time I met and saw him! Unfortunately, I was dressed up as a witch that Halloween day, so my first ever picture with him looks… a little strange.

As I write this, Halloween has passed. And it’s with a heavy heart that I start tearing down my fake cobwebs and putting away the little bats I put up on our walls. But hey…I sniff gingerbread and holly just around the corner. I’m so excited for the winter holidays!!


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