Cold December Nights at VanDusen: Festival of Lights❤

Sharing some photos from the Festival of Lights!

I still think the event is very overpriced, given that there’s maybe a max of 2 hours of activities, but man, is it pretty. A great start to Christmas month!

M’s boyfriend is back in Vancouver, so we did a double date to VanDusen’s. I was frozen to the bone after our hour and a half in the gardens, so I was really happy when the group all agreed to have hot pot afterwards. There’s really nothing like hot pot during winter!

At one point during dinner, three of us at the table couldn’t remember for the life of us who was at one of our past dinner potlucks. We could all remember one particular dish and the person who made it, but we couldn’t recall which event it was for. Luckily, I actually had the event documented on this blog and I had the brains to check here. It helped ease our minds. It’s so weird not being able to remember and feel like you have a gap in your memory. Maybe this will be a good motivation for me to blog more often?



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