#Kirbenj’s wedding ❤️

My cousin Kirby recently got married and I still can’t get over how cute the wedding was!

My sis and I with the cardboard cutouts!

My sis and I with their cardboard cutouts!

The night before, I was over at the bride-to-be’s house along with a lot of her other cousins, aunts, and friends to help make sure everything was ready. At some point I helped with making sure the unity candles were properly decorated and I kept Natasha company as she spray painted some flowers.

The result?


You gotta do what you gotta do :’D

We look like we’re working at a factory assembly line.

At some point I worked on my cousin’s and a few other peoples’s nails since I had a Shellac kit. I hate it when I hear about how people pay $50 for a manicure when I can just do it for them— I mean, if they’re alright with the nails being a little plain since I can’t promise anything crazy.


Anyway, my sister and I totally took up our cousin’s offer of whether we’d like to man the reception table at the wedding for both the morning church ceremony, as well as the dinner at night. It was fun getting to greet everyone who came in! Reminded me of my TrojanOne days since the whole thing felt kind of like running a marketing activation where you were engaging people, giving away free stuff, and everyone was happy! Kirbenj made sure everyone got a pair of sunglasses that marked their special day. Loved it!


Us with our sunglasses ♥

The ceremony made me cry. I didn’t think I would, but seeing my cousin’s brother look so proud as he walked down the aisle ahead of her did things to me.


After the wedding, there was food, refreshments, and a photo booth! My sister and I forced all our cousins to fit into the booth with us for a picture. We kind of succeded?


The dinner was held at Empire Seafood Restaurant in Richmond. They rented out the restaurant and dinner was accompanied by games and other forms of entertainment. Some of them involved the groom getting punished if he failed a challenge, and some made the guests interact with everyone else in the room (we did a scavenger hunt!). Claudia, Kirby’s friend, was an amazing emcee!


I personally thought the food was great, though I kept neglecting it at times because I wanted to watch the games that were going on around the restaurant.

Kirby loves cats, and Ben loves dogs. Their cake was perfect!


At the end of the night, my boyfriend and I managed to squeeze in one last photo with them. Ben was in a tux-onesie!


I realize how much help a wedding requires from your friends and family— the more they’re willing to sacrifice, the more amazing the wedding will be. It was obvious that Kirby and Ben were well loved! And of course, if you’re a lucky guest who really only has to attend the wedding, soak it in!

Oh and before I forget, at one point as we walked around the church, they were setting up for a Pokemon event. I rushed up to get a selfie:

AHHH I love weddings :’)



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